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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-22 10:00:00

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I see talents thanking WWE for all that they did after the company releases them.  Are they just trying to stay in good graces of the company?  If it were me, I would be like Franky Monet.

Everyone is different.  Maybe some people actually want to thank WWE for the opportunity, though I have to be honest, I think it’s far more a case of not ticking anyone in the company off so that they, at least in their mind, leave the door open for a return.

If you were released, what would you tweet?

Honestly, I would be a lot more like Franky than the “thank you for the opportunity” people.  I know I would write something like, “Well, I got released by WWE because a senior citizen who changes his mind every 30 seconds or so didn’t have the competence to put me in a position to show what I was able to do to, or what I couldn’t.  So instead, I didn’t get a real chance and join the large group of talented people who were never given a chance by a guy who was a visionary but now can’t see two feet in front of his face.  It’s sad how far he has fallen.”

Adam Pearce on RAW says he wants RAW to win Survivor Series. Friday on Smackdown, he says he wants Smackdown to win Survivor Series. Should I finally give up the last shred of hope I have for logic in WWE?

They would tell you, "Pearce is impartial so he wishes the best to both brands".  I would tell you that you should have given up on logic long, long ago.

What do you see WWE doing with Samoa Joe?  6 months ago I would have thought going back to NXT would be great because of all the talent there.  Now with 2.0 I don’t see a fit with him at all there, nor do I really want to see him there.  On the main roster, aside from maybe a program with Roman Reigns not sure he would last and get lost in the shuffle, ala Bobby Roode.  AEW seems like the right place for Joe, but I don’t know his contract situation.

Given that they released him, and Triple H brought him back to NXT, I think the best thing for Joe, where WWE is concerned, is to stay on the sidelines and collect a paycheck.

Speaking of NXT 2.0 is it just my imagination or does the crowd seem more planted, cheesy, and or forced?  I feel like the original NXT at Full Sail the crowd was almost ECW-ish I dare say, but the 2.0 crowd now seems more like WCW worldwide at MGM studios.

The show is cheesy.  The crowd should be cheesy too.  I can’t see many of the Full Sail regulars wanting to go and watch the new version of NXT.

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