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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-21 10:00:00

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Last year Tony Khan won an online award of Booker Of The Year.  A lot of people online mocked him winning it.  Now it’s a year later.  If he wins it this year, is it deserved?

Absolutely.  Khan’s growth as a booker from last year has been huge.  Considering he books a promotion on a national platform that runs every week, he will get the nod this year over NXT UK and MLW.

Why should we bother caring about WWE since they clearly don't care about a majority of the people they employ (and then later fire en masse)? They have extremely lucrative TV deals in place. They supplement that with millions in blood money from Saudi Arabia. They hire these talented and promising talents, only to indiscriminately toss them away like garbage (sometimes twice, like with Drake Maverick) for "budgetary reasons". WWE is NOT hurting for money, even though they will never get my money again after the latest inexplicable culling of the herd. They constantly and unwaveringly shoot themselves in the foot with terrible creative, questionable partnerships, and callous disrespect for the men and women who make them their millions. Why should we care anymore?

After reading what you wrote, I can't think of any reason why you, personally, should!  Only you can answer that, but your points are all valid.

What do you think about Taya saying that WWE doesn't care about the talent or the fans.

I definitely 100 percent agree with her that to Vince McMahon, the talent is interchangeable.  He has even said the BRAND is what is important to him.  His actions have shown that almost everyone that works there is expendable.  Does he care about the fans?  That is a more complex question.  From his perspective, he thinks he is giving us scintillating product, and to be fair some fans love pretty much everything WWE gives them because "it's wrestling."  But I definitely thinks she's right in that he doesn't care at all about the discerning fan.  Thankfully, Tony Khan does.

I had a question about wrestler's names and merchandising. If a wrestler like CM Punk has been using that name throughout their career for multiple companies do they get a different kind of merchandising deal than those who have a name that is solely used within the promotion they are with. I would figure if they own their ring name they are entitled to a larger cut of the sales.

If a talent owns the name, they negotiate a deal with the promotion to use it.

AEW seemed like they were really trying to kill the buzz on Adam Page. His association with the Dark Order did him no favors. That said, when he came back after his break, fans went crazy for him.  Giving the fans what they want means putting the world title on Page at the Pay-Per-View (yes, please).  I know it is not often popular to do babyface vs babyface matches, but wouldn't killer matches of Page defending the world title successfully against guys like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson pretty much cement Page as one of the top tier wrestlers in the company, and all of professional wrestling as a whole? Personally I think it would be awesome if the Hangman was the first person to hand Danielson and Punk a loss.

Tony Khan has shown he will go heel-heel and face-face so I think we will get to see those kinds of matches.  I really like the long term story that they told with Page.  In played out well as we got to see him go on his journey to the top.

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