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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-14 10:00:00

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As I'm a younger fan, I know Pro Wrestling Illustrated was more of a kayfabe magazine throughout its history but did they ever cover real-life stories like the Benoit suicide or the Owen Hart accident?

I can't honestly say as I only read it a few times back in the 80s and the kayfabe aspect of it made it a no go for me but my hunch is that they would have covered those stories.  They covered actual results and happenings as I remember.

If the NWA World TV Champ is a “world champion” and main events syndicated TV shows, wouldn’t that be a higher ranking title than the NWA U.S Championship in NWA belt hierarchy?

Not really.  The TV belt was a Title for TV.  The US Title was more for house shows and later PPVs, meaning it got less exposure on TV.  That made it more important since the goal to generate revenue back then was to get people to pay to see house shows.

Where and how does the U.S.Championship fit into the matrix?

It was the number two Title back then, much like the Intercontinental Title was right behind the WWF Title.

I just read Eddie Kingston's essay about his background and struggles and I was a fan of his already, but I mean, how can you not love this guy? He's such a vital part of AEW that it seems incredible he wasn't with the company from the start and that if not for the pandemic, he might never have got his shot. My question is do you know of any reason why Eddie wasn't considered for the debut roster? Was he even on the radar?

His story is a great one, for sure.  I don't know that it that he wasn't considered as much as when you are starting a company, you get the essential pieces early and add to the roster as time goes by.  Kingston's story is a great one since he was given a chance and he made the most of it.  He is a fabulous success story, and amazing one.

The only thing remaining that resembles the old black and gold NXT is the title belts, and if you're going to completely overhaul the entire product, I don't think the re-branding is complete until they change the look of the men's and women's title belts.  Given the current theme and design of NXT 2.0, I'm not holding out hope that any new belt design will look any good.  How long do you think until they replace the current belts with gaudy, multicolored ones?

Sadly, probably soon.  They might as well make it covered in polka dots.  At least if they do that some of the legend of Dusty Rhodes will still be there.  It's disheartening what they have done to that brand.

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