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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-07 11:05:00

Major League Wrestling held their War Chamber event in Philadelphia, PA last night at the 2300 Arena.  The crowd was a little down from the last event there as they were 26 tickets short of a legitimate sellout.

King Muertes was slated to compete in the War Chamber last night but missed the show as he was among the many who fell victim to American Airlines canceling tons of flights this weekend.  MLW tried to scramble to get him to the show, but it was impossible to happen.  Los Parks also had travel issues but were able to make it to the show after some juggling but Muertes wasn't able to make it.  The promotion opted to put Savio Vega, who was already scheduled to be there as a Producer for several matches, including The War Chamber , into the slot.

Josef Samuel, who was scheduled to play the JJ Dillon role in the War Chamber, was not at the event.  There's no word as to why but the logical finish should have been him, as the leader and mouthpiece, losing the final battle.  We are told it was not a travel issue.

Jacob Fatu broke from CONTRA after the bout and will be pushed as a babyface going forward.  We are told the angle was hotter than the actual match with the crowd getting right behind him immediately as Fatu lost it after the loss and got into a shoving bout with Mads Kruger.  Kruger will be getting a big monster heel push.

Jeff Cobb came out for the War Chamber as Mantanza, his persona from Lucha Underground but then took off the mask and worked as himself, sort of doing a Mick Foley deal.  Philly popped for it.  The original plan was Mantanza, but Cobb was physically uncomfortable in all the gear, so they switched from the original plans.

Alex Kane will be feuding with Cavin Tankman over the National Openweight Championship going forward.

Relatively minor injuries last night.  Nzo was busted open hardway in the nose vs. Matt Cross last night.  Delmi Exo suffered a cut to her arm while outside the ring but both were OK after.

The Von Erichs will be returning to TV shortly after taking a break to heal as Marshall Von Erich's second son was born.

ACH is back and got a nice pop for his return.

There was talk last night that they may tape in Mexico in December, using Cesar Duran as the storyline explanation.  There had been plans for a December event in the Melrose Ballroom in NYC but nothing has been announced yet.

The promotion will not be back in Philly next month but had given talent the word that they will be back there monthly from January on.

Davey Richards was working as a Producer last night.  Others who worked as Producers were Konnan, Homicide, Savio and Dave Prazak.

The Charlie Bruzzese banner unveil was 100% a shock to Bruzzese, who was extremely touched by the moment.

Ronnie Lang's Atlas Security was in the house.

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