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By Kendall Jenkins on 2021-11-03 05:59:00

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Remember when online communication was mostly about email? It seems like it was in a different life. After all, dozens of communication formats and hundreds of platforms and services for convenient communication are available to a modern Internet user. You and I can text in chats and forums, chat on popular social networks, exchange messages and various files in instant messengers, and also conveniently talk over video calls in web chats.

It’s video chats we want to talk about in more detail today. This is far from a new format. But right now it is at the peak of its popularity. After all, the opportunity to chat with strangers, expand your circle of friends or even find a soulmate is too good to miss. Especially in the context of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, which is still not over.

Before we start considering the most popular chat roulettes, we suggest you plunge into history a little.

Omegle — the world’s first chat roulette

When it launched, Omegle became the first chat roulette in history. Before that, no such thing existed. The site connected completely random users with each other, allowing them to communicate on almost any topic. If you’re interested in the history of Omegle, you know that the video chat site was created by 18-year-old American Leif K-Brooks, and was launched on March 25, 2009. Initially it was exclusively text chat, but later the video calling function appeared.

But in the history of the first video chat roulette there are some more interesting facts that not everyone knows about.

  1. One of the first references to Omegle appeared on Reddit. Leif K-Brooks personally created the "I created" theme. And it is here that the history of the site essentially begins.

  2. Leif K-Brooks says that the idea to create a video chat roulette came to him thanks to Reddit. He saw how actively strangers communicate on topics that interest them. And he decided to create a website where you can easily find like-minded people from all over the world.

  3. The name Omegle was not random either. At the time Leif K-Brooks was working on another project that was constantly breaking due to a bug in a third-party service. The error code was not documented, so the young man named it "Error Code Omega". As a result, Omega transformed into Omegle, which is how the world famous name appeared.

Interestingly, almost immediately after the launch of the service, Leif K-Brooks said in an interview that the income from the site was more than enough for him. At that time he was just an ordinary student. Leif K-Brooks also said that he probably wouldn't even have to work after completing his studies — his chat roulette would generate enough income. And so it happened. Although it’s worth noting that Leif K-Brooks is currently working not only on Omegle, but also on other projects. 

But is everything as smooth with Omegle as it seems? Not really. And we will talk about this in the next paragraph of our article.

Examples of interesting sites like Omegle

Before looking at other popular video chats, let's try to understand why today the first chat roulette in history is far from the best choice.

  • First off, Omegle has pretty mediocre moderation. This has been the case since the launch of the site, and to this day the situation has not changed much. There are a lot of minors, exhibitionists, advertising broadcasts and just not very pleasant users in the chat.

  • Secondly, even now, twelve years after its launch, the service still does not have a mobile application. Of course, the site adapts to the screens of smartphones and tablets, but not everyone wants to use a web browser for video chatting.

  • Thirdly, Omegle has rather limited functionality in comparison with alternatives. You can search for chat partners by interest, choose the language of communication, visit the unmoderated section or connect to the chat for your university. But search by gender and exact location is not available, even though other sites have provided it a long time ago.

Omegle has quite a large and active audience. There are usually 30-35 thousand users online at any time. But many people still prefer more functional, convenient and safer alternatives. And there are lots of them.


ChatRandom is a chat roulette with a wide range of functions. You can not only chat with strangers face-to-face, but also find like-minded people in themed chat rooms. There are many "rooms" to choose from: "Fun", "Affair", "Flirt", "Music", "Sports" and much more. There is also a separate chat with girls, but to get there, you need to pay for premium access. ChatRandom has a mobile application, so it is convenient to use video chat even from a smartphone.


OmeTV is a minimalist and useful chat roulette. It offers gender and geographic filters, and you can enable automatic translation of messages for convenient communication with foreign users. Like ChatRandom, OmeTV offers user-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android. An excellent choice if you do not want to be tied to a computer or laptop.

Omegle TV

Omegle TV is the perfect chat roulette for men who want to meet nice and pretty girls. Almost like Omegle chat, but better. The site connects them only with the opposite sex, and each girl must confirm her identity when registering on the site. Accordingly, there are simply no fakes and bots here. The OmegleTV website has a comfortable minimalist design, which is important for modern users. An excellent choice for dating, chatting, flirting and even starting a serious relationship.


Bazoocam is a video chat that was initially popular only in France, but then it became known far beyond the borders of the country. Now, despite a frankly outdated design and interface, Bazoocam remains a very popular resource. Here you can not only chat face to face with strangers, but also connect to video broadcasts by other users. Or launch your own stream and gather a large audience of viewers around you. Quite an interesting solution for those who like to be the center of attention.


Flingster is a free sex chat in which you can completely limit yourself to nothing, chat on explicit topics, flirt and have virtual sex. Here it’s even possible to find a couple for intimacy. Of course, only people over the age of 18 are allowed to use Flingster.


In Chathub chat roulette, you can search for chat partners by gender and location, communicate in the standard or unmoderated section "Adult", hide your face from your chat partner, or simply chat in a text chat. Chathub doesn't have a mobile app, but the site is very mobile responsive and works great in the browser. Therefore, using it from a smartphone is quite comfortable. But still, it's not as convenient as a full-fledged application.

Enjoy the opportunities of modern video chat

You and I are lucky. The modern Internet gives simply tremendous opportunities for meeting and communicating with people from all over the world. And anonymous video chat is one of the most interesting and unusual communication formats.

If you want to find like-minded people, expand your social circle and just have a nice time with a friendly conversation, be sure to discover this format. You will love it for sure! The main thing is to choose the site that will fully satisfy your wishes.

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