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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-03 22:02:00

In advance of tomorrow's WWE earnings, long-time Senior Vice President, Creative Services Stan Stanski, who had been with the company close to 15 years, exited the company today.

Stanski's departure has been quite the shock as word has traveled around the company this evening.  One person described Stanski's departure as "the ultimate proof no one is safe" and "yet another reminder this isn't the same company it was a year ago."

Stansksi joined WWE back in 2006 as Vice President of Creative Sources before being promoted in March 2012 to his SVP position. 

In his LinkedIn account, Stanski described his position as being, "Responsible for defining and managing the overall creative look of WWE across all platforms including but not limited to: the graphic identity and branding; photography; on and off air affiliate marketing of pay-per-view events; consumer and trade advertising; consumer products; sponsorship and retail promotions; live event and tour promotion; fan events; talent brand development; corporate communication; and WWE Studios."

We are told there may be other departures that will be revealed, but Stanski was far and away the most high profile exit from the company today.

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