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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-01 10:00:00

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I have been listening to Eric Bischoff this week talk about having great wrestling isn't enough, and that you need great storylines for characters as well, to enable the audience to invest and grow. I can't help but agree. What is your opinion?

Consider I have been saying the exact same thing for decades now, I agree with Eric, you and myself.

I see a lot of Saudi Arabia hate on your site and well I do believe it’s deserved, is it not a tad hypocritical? Of course you can’t blame the people for the deeds of their government, but I assume you don’t have any issues with WWE running in America and objectively speaking, the US empire does more killing each and every day on the world stage than anyone. Does that mean Americans don’t deserve wrestling or that WWE is accepting ‘blood money’ when they run in America? My only point is that no government is innocent in 2021 so the Saudi argument rings a bit hollow to me. Maybe I’m way off base. Just wanted your thoughts on this.

WWE is an American company so running in America makes sense.  It’s not a choice, it’s where they are based and as an American product, where they run events.  Going outside of the US is a choice.  That is the difference I see.

There were a lot of contributing factors to the ROH news but obviously, AEW is definitely a big one. Do you think ROH has to feel regretful for allowing and to an extent, helping The Elite for putting together the original ALL-IN?

Oh yeah, for sure.  Joe Kofi has said as much.  Backing that PPV opened the door for Tony Khan to start AEW. It was definitely a huge factor.

Do you think Tony Khan would have interest in buying out ROH and turning it into a sister company to AEW? The two fan bases are pretty similar and with AEW roster being over bloated it could give Tony a new avenue for talent to go work while still being part of the AEW family. Also with talk of a AEW streaming deal having the ROH video library would also give them that extra valuable content plus if they were to continue on with ROH as a actual company HBO MAX might be a good landing spot for new episodes. they could potential do yearly specials with AEW vs ROH in say Blood and Guts. Tony could show Vince and WWE how to properly do company warfare, something WWE  messed up with WCW. any chance?

It depends on two things, does Sinclair want to sell it and what would the price be.  Keep in mind, the library matters to Sinclair too.  It provides programming for their stations.  They can air old episodes of ROH if they choose to as cheap programming.  If it is for sale, I don’t see Khan needing to run the brand as a standalone.  He has AEW for that.

At the end of RAW on Monday, Seth Rollins called Big E "boy". This reminded me of HHH's thinly veiled racist storyline with Booker T years ago. Please tell me we're not going back to that tasteless product.

I don’t think that is Rollins’ intent and given WWE’s integration into Corporate America, I see zero chance of them doing something as tasteless as racism.

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