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By Dave Scherer on 2021-10-26 10:00:00

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Impact is doing some great work. What can they do to get more eyes on them and bring the asylum fans back?

Just keep doing what they do.  There is no magic bullet that can bring eyeballs to their, or anyone’s, product.  There are so, so many options out there today.  The best thing they can do is stay the course.

I watched Vince Russo’s “everyone’s out to get me” video on Youtube.  I decided he needs to see a wrestling doctor.  Would you recommend Dr. Shelby?

In a perfect world, yes.  Dr. Shelby would help him get to the root of his issues, though I have no idea who would want to hug it out with him.  So with that said, I think I would send him to Dr. Heiney.  I think that is the most fitting specialist for his issues and where they emanate.

Big E vs. Drew McIntyre in Saudi Arabia . . . . Why?  First, who is the face, and who is the heel in this match?  Second, with Drew moving to Smackdown, does anyone really think he’ll be taking the championship belt with him?  That both belts will reside on Smackdown?  Finally, on last night’s Raw (Oct 11th) future opponents were again made into a one-night tag team for what seems to be the 3,000th time.  Will this tired and old tactic ever be retired?  Even as a 9 – 10 year old who first began watching wrestling in 1969 or ’70, I thought it was stupid and illogical, and it continues to this day . . . .

WWE makes a lot of money from the show so they load it up with big names.  That simple.  It's money.

In your opinion, what’s the worst match WWE has had in Saudi Arabia.  In the five shows they’ve had, there’s been a bunch.

I am not a “worst” anything type of person.  It’s so subjective and not worth wasting time on being negative.

If you were a young wrestler, with opportunities to go to AEW or WWE, how much with the dread of going to Saudi Arabia factor in your decision?

Honestly, nowhere near as much as being subject to horrible creative week in and week out.  Saudi Arabia is a few days.  Bad creative is every show.

What’s your take on the “World Cup” tournament at Crown Jewel 2018, specifically the fact that it featured eight American wrestlers wrestling in an undesirable country that helps represent the antithesis of progress in the world?

It was done for money.  That’s about all of think of it.

Could the flights to Saudi Arabia be called “The Plane rides TO Hell?”

It depends on the person doing the branding.

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