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By Richard Trionfo on 2021-10-23 22:17:00

After Dynamite ended, Cody asked if everyone had a good time.  He says he will keep it short and sweet. Every time he flies into Orlando it is a place of fun, but it is the place where my dad was buried.  For this place to matter, I needed a new memory.  

Someone mentioned he got Cody's tattoo and he says he got a tattoo that he regrets. 

Cody calls out Fuego, -1, Griff Garrison, Sammy Guevara.  Cody mentions Fuego's partner for Dark. 

Sammy mentions that Cody is still bleeding.

The Acclaimed interrupt.  Max raps.

Caster says enough of this happy go lucky bullshit.  Cody and Sammy have had their time and no one cares about Fuego, Griff, or the little kid.

Max blames Tony Khan for them not being on Dynamite for over 160 days.

Tony comes out and says that people did not pay to see you rap.  They paid to see CM Punk.

Punk comes to the ring and then Punk's music plays again and Tony cuts it off.  He asks if the Acclaimed will get away unscathed after what they said.

Punk asks Tony what time is it and Tony says It's Clobbering time.  Fuego hits a tornado DDT on Caster while Punk hits a GTS on Bowens and Brodie Jr pins Bowens.


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