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By Dave Scherer on 2021-10-18 10:00:00

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In CM Punk’s 4 matches since his return, he has wrestled at a very deliberate some would say slow pace.  I’m no expert, but against Matt Sydal on Rampage he looked blown up.  Is the pacing of Punk’s matches due to simply trying to get back in ring shape?  I know he’s 42, but that’s really not all that old in wrestling.  I’m fine with his matches, but weren’t we knocking Randy Orton years ago for rest holds?  There’s been a lot in Punk’s matches thus far.

Here's the deal, he took many years off from wrestling, many.  He wasn't staying in wrestling shape because he had no reason to.  Then he signed the deal with AEW and he has basically been getting back in shape on the fly, which is totally understandable.  He took a lot of time off and in addition to getting back in wrestling shape, he also has to get his body back in bump taking shape.  It's a process, especially once someone goes north of forty years old.  With that said, I don't rip on people for "rest holds".  If a talent can use them and still put on an entertaining match, that is a smart wrestler to me.  It's someone taking care of their body.  The way talents go at it today, in 10 years we will be seeing a lot of wrestlers dealing with long term injuries.

With the ill will a lot of wrestling fans have towards WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and the Crown Jewel/et al. events, do you think it would be worth exploring for AEW to counter program a Saudi PPV with their own matinee super card, either with a special episode of Dynamite or a PPV of their own, and hopefully draw in disaffected fans not willing to support the Saudi cards?

Crown Jewel will air at noon in the east and 9 a.m. on the west coast.  I see no reason for AEW to waste putting on a show at that time.  And, put it on where?  YouTube?  Nope, I think it would be a waste of time and money to even bother for AEW.

I must have missed something.  Why was there a zombie referee for the Indi/Lumis bachelor party and wedding, and why is he now back to "normal?"

WWE booking.  Asking WHY is hazardous to your mental health.

I despise the AJ/Omos tag team for the sole reason that given how much they are protecting Omos, it is designed for AJ to always be the guy who takes the fall or loss.  Problem is, he's AJ Styles, one of the best wrestlers in the world.  His talent is being wasted as the fall guy in order to protect his super green partner.  Do you think it's time to split them up, or do you keep the team together until Omos gets a little more seasoning?

I don't like that AJ is the fall guy either.  Omos needs to work to get better and he can't carry matches by himself but I agree with you, I hate that AJ has to take the beatings for the team.

In reference to Tony Khan's comments about having more money than WWE, do you think that he should pipe down a little bit? This is not a good time to brag about money. I love AEW but some of his comments turn me off. Just worry about making your product the best possible product it could be.

As I said yesterday, yes I would stop making those comments if I were Khan.  You bring up an interesting point that I hadn’t considered.  A lot of people are struggling financially.  A billionaire bragging about his wealth could turn off some potential fans.

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