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By Mike Johnson on 2021-10-15 10:00:00

I was watching the Oct. 5 episode of AEW Dark, and I noticed that for Orange Cassidy's entrance, they played the Best Friends theme music instead of Cassidy's usual music by The Pixies. Is AEW not allowed to play licensed music on their YouTube shows, or was this just some weird blip?

My guess is they played the Best Friends song in error.

Is there any word on Darius Martin's status on the injured list? I'll be at Full Gear in Minneapolis, and it would be amazing if Top Flight got to be on the show in their hometown.

No word on his potential return yet.

Would you know if WWE ever had any interest in signing Tonya Harding to a contract? She was the former Olympic skating champion who, along with two men, assaulted her rival Nancy Kerrigan many years ago? I am watching I Tonya and it made me wonder if during that era, WWE ever wanted to use her for attention?

I've never heard of any interest in Tonya Harding from WWE at that time, although she did appear on a Portland independent show as a manager once for the late Art Barr.   There were rumors she was interested in training to wrestle in Japan at some point but nothing of that sort ever actually transpired.

I saw you wrote that Young Rock will be in production in November.  Does that kill the rumors Rock was going to wrestle at Survivor Series?

I don't know about those rumors as we never reported anything in that regard.  One would think that if he's needed in Australia, he's not going to be in Brooklyn, although let's be honest, it's his show and they could always film his bookend segments in the United States.  It's not like he's interacting with the rest of the cast, which is set in a different time period then he would be.

Why doesn't Young Rock just cast all current WWE talents to play their 1980s counterparts?

That would require the talents to miss weeks, if not longer, of performing in order to do the show, all at the same time.  WWE is never, ever going to allow that when they have their own TV and live events to produce.

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