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By James Kurokawa on 2021-10-12 16:37:00

10/12/21 B Block Results from New Japan's G1 Climax 31 from Sendai, Japan:

Ryohei Oiwa vs. Hiromu Takahashi

Hiromu wins with a Boston Crab submission.  

Hard fought battle in this preliminary match.  Oiwa's and Hiromu's chest were red from all the chops they hit.  

G1 Climax 31 - B Block Matches:

Taichi, with Miho Abe vs. Tama Tonga, with Jado

Taichi comes to the ring with his ribs taped up, from injuries sustain in his prior match with Kazuchika Okada.   Taichi taunts Tama with the IWGP Tag Team belt.   Tama attacks him before the bell.    Match goes to the floor.  Taichi beats down Tama outside the ring and chokes him with a cable wire.  Taichi throws Tama in the ring and goes for a choke.   Taichi comes off the ropes and Tama hits him in the ribs with a double chop.   Taichi goes down clutching his ribs.   Tama applies a camel clutch.  Tama drags Taichi outside again and slams him into guardrails and ringposts.  Tama continues to pound and punch Taichi's ribs.   Back in the ring, Tama locks a body scissors and chinlock.  Taichi stuns Tama with a high kick which gives Taichi break from Tama's beating. Taichi gets to his feet and hits an Ax Bomber.   He throws kicks to Tama's back and chest.  Tama misses a Stinger Splash and Taichi with another high kick.  Tama avoids a superkick with a punch to Taichi's ribs.  Tama avoids an Ax Bomber and hits a Tonga Twist.  Tama misses a top rope splash.  Both men lay on the mat struggling to get to their feet.  Taichi stuns Tama with two swift kicks.  Taichi with two Ax Bombers which Tama absorbs.  Taichi with a jumping high kick.  Taichi goes for a superkick.  Tama counters with a punch to the ribs and a elbow to the face.  They attempt and reverse out of each other's finishers.   Taichi hits a Dangerous Backdrop, but he is slow to cover due to his ribs.  Two count.  Tama avoids Black Mephisto and hits a Death Valley Driver.   Tama hits a top rope splash.   Taichi kicks out at two.  Tama measures Taichi and hits a Gun Stun.

Tama Tonga pins Taichi.

Tama Tonga earns 2 points and gets to 4 points total.  

Solid match.  Both men know each other well when Dangerous Tekkers battled Guerillas of Destiny for the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.  The story was Taichi's ribs which Tama capitalized on.   


Both men were evenly matched until their battle went to the floor.  YOSHI-HASHI leg tripped SANADA and sent him head first into the guardrail.   YOSHI-HASHI got back in the ring and SANADA jumped in to avoid a count out.  YOSHI-HASHI used a chin lock.  YOSHI-HASHI draped SANADA on the top rope and hit a dropkick to his back and neck.  SANADA came off the ropes and dropkicked YOSHI-HASHI's left knee.   SANADA locked YOSHI-HASHI in the Paradise Lock, then dropkicks him in the rear.  The match again goes to the floor.  YOSHI-HASHI hits a Plancha on SANADA.  Back in the ring, YOSHI-HASHI hits a Blockbuster off the top rope.   Two count.  SANADA counters with a solo Magic Killer.  Pace picks up.  SANADA with a top rope dropkick and goes for a Dragon Sleeper.  YOSHI-HASHI reverses and tries for Kharma.  SANADA reverses out and hits a TKO.  Two count.   SANADA goes for a moonsault and YOSHI-HASHI gets his knees up.  YOSHI-HASHI goes for a swanton bomb but SANADA gets his knees up.  Both men get to their feet and start throwing elbows.  YOSHI-HASHI with a release Dragon suplex and a super kick.  YOSHI-HASHI with a double knees to the face.  YOSHI-HASHI with a Kumagaroshi.  Two count.   YOSHI-HASHI locks in a Sleeperhold  and tries for Kharma.  SANADA reverses out and rolls him up for a pin.   Two count.  YOSHI-HASHI tries for Kharma but switches and rolls SANADA into a pin attempt.  Two count.  YOSHI-HASHI goes for Kharma again.   SANADA reverses into a Dragon Sleeper.  He suplexes YOSHI-HASHI up and over until his feet are on the top rope.   SANADA drops him in a TKO.  SANADA hits a moonsault.   SANADA locks YOSHI-HASHI in Skull End.  

YOSHI-HASHI submits.  SANADA is declared the winner.

SANADA earns 2 points and now has a total of 6 points.

Another solid match.  This was a situation where whoever could get their finisher applied would be the winner.  SANADA just got their first.  We will probably see more of these two in World Tag League.

Kazuchika Okada vs. Chase Owens

Okada started the match going after the neck of Owens with head locks and chinlocks.  Okada went for a senton over the top rope but Owens got his knees up.  Okada was clutching his lower back.  Owens stomped Okada in the gut and a knee to the back.   Owens rolled Okada over towards the ring apron and stood on the back Okada.  Owens gave a military salute, which was a shout out to Bullet Club member, Bad Luck Fale.  Okada gets to his feet and throws punches.  Owens hits a knee to Okada's face, a thrust kick, then a Bobby Eaton neckbreaker.   Owens applies a nerve hold to the trapezius muscle on Okada's neck.  Okada fights back with a DDT.  The match goes again to the floor.   Okada hits another DDT on the floor.   Back in the ring, Okada goes for a Money Clip.  Owens breaks it up by pushing Okada into the turnbuckle.  Owens with a backbreaker.  Owens with a lariat.  Two count.  Okada counters with a flapjack.  Pace picks up.  Okada is on the top rope and Owens kicks him in the head.  Owens takes him off the top rope with a cravat bulldog.  Two count.  Okada is holding his neck.  Owens with a slingshot spear to Okada's gut.   Okada counters with his own neckbreaker.  Okada applies the Money Clip, but Owens punches out.   Okada with a dropkick and reapplies the Money Clip.  Owens gets to the ropes.  Okada with a bodyslam and a top rope elbow.   Rainmaker pose.   Owens elbows out of the Rainmaker.  Owens hits a high knee.  Okada with a German suplex.  Owens with a Shining Wizard.  Owens with a V-Trigger.  Okada with a Tombstone.  They reverse out of each other's finishers.  Okada hits a backbreaker and applies the Money Clip.  Owens tries for the ropes, but Okada rolls him back into the ring.   Owens was on his stomach with Okada pulling back on his neck and arm with the Money Clip.  

Owens taps out.   

Kazuchika Okada remains unbeaten, earns 2 points, and the first to 14 points.  

Good match.  Chase Owens has shown that he is more than just a tag wrestler in Bullet Club.   He has shown that he can be a great singles wrestler in New Japan as well.  

Hirooki Goto vs. EVIL, with Dick Togo

Goto starts the match with strikes and shoulder tackles.  EVIL takes the match to the floor and throws Goto into the guardrails.   EVIL attacks Goto with a chair.  Back in the ring, Goto hits a spinning kick, a bulldog and a lariat.  Goto goes for an ushigaroshi, but EVIL retreats to the floor.   Goto follows.  EVIL gets back in the ring and grabs the referee.  Togo grabs Goto by the leg.  EVIL hits Goto off the ring apron and into the timekeeper's table.   Togo takes the turnbuckle pad off.   EVIL throws Goto into the metal bolt.  EVIL comes off the ropes for an attack but Goto picks him up and hits an ushigaroshi.  Goto fights back and throws a kick.  EVIL catches his leg and throws it at the referee.  Referee takes a bump.  EVIL picks up Goto.  Togo runs in the ring.  They hit a Magic Killer on Goto.  Togo revives the referee.   EVIL gets only a two count.   EVIL hits Darkness Falls.  Two count.  Goto goes for a GTR.  EVIL tries to push Goto into the referee.  Goto stops himself.  EVIL goes for a low blow.  Goto blocks it.  Goto takes down EVIL and ties his legs and rolls him up for a pin.   The camera pans and the referee is scolding Togo who is cowering in the corner.   Goto had EVIL for at least a 10 count.  Goto releases the hold to go after the referee.  EVIL charges at Goto, who moves out of the way with the referee.  EVIL hits Togo with a lariat. Goto hits a double lariat to Togo and EVIL.   Goto goes for another GTR, but EVIL sticks his fingers in his eyes.   EVIL tries to throw Goto into the metal bolt.  Goto reverses and EVIL hits the metal bolt.  Goto picks up EVIL and hits the GTW.  Two count.   Goto is about to hit a GTR.  EVIL grabs the referee.  Goto is unable to hit the move so he lets go of EVIL.   EVIL still holding onto the shirt of the referee retreats into a corner.  Togo comes behind Goto and chokes him with a wire.  Goto is out.  EVIL hits Everything is Evil.

EVIL pins Goto.

EVIL gets 2 points and 12 points total.


Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Jeff Cobb

Cobb and Tanahashi were careful in the early moments.  Tanahashi tried to avoid Cobb's power, using his speed to get Cobb to chase him.  Cobb hit a dropkick in the face and the tempo of the match slowed down.   Cobb hit a back breaker on Tanahashi.   He used Tanahashi's body to play air guitar.   Pretty funny.   Cobb picked up Tanahashi in a bodyslam.   He hit knee strikes to Tanahashi's ribs, then flung him across the ring.   Cobb hit a standing moonsault.   Two count.  Cobb mocked Tanahashi as tried a flipping senton from the second rope.   Cobb missed as Tanahashi moved out of the way.  Tanahashi looked pissed at being mocked.   He hit Cobb with elbows and hit a flipping senton from the second rope.  Tanahashi hit a dropkick and a Dragonscrew on Cobb's left leg.  Tanahashi locked Cobb in the Texas Cloverhold.  Cobb gets to the ropes.   Cobb rolls to the ring apron.  Tanahashi goes for attack but Cobb throws him head first into the turnbuckle.  In the corner, Cobb climbs the ropes and attempts to a deadlift suplex on Tanahashi to the floor.  He almost gets him up, until Tanahashi wiggles free.  Tanahashi drops down and pulls Cobb's leg along the middle rope, then hits a Dragonscrew.  Cobb falls to the floor in pain.   Tanahashi comes off the top rope and hits Aces High on Cobb on the floor.  Back in the ring, Tanahashi hits Twist and Shout and Slingblade.  Tanahashi goes for High Fly Flow.  Cobb gets the knees up.  Cobb, selling the knee, throws elbows at Tanahashi.   Tanahashi returns with his own elbows.  Tanahashi comes off the ropes, and Cobb catches him with a Spincycle but Cobb leg is hurting.  Tanahashi runs the ropes again, and Cobb tries for another Spincycle.  But Tanahashi reverses into Slingblade.    Two count.   Tanahashi comes off the top rope with Aces High.  Cobb catches Tanahashi, flips him into a fireman's carry, then spins him in the air with an F5.   Tanahashi lands on his face.  Cobb goes for a Tour of the Islands but Tanahashi rolls him into a small package.  Two count.  Tanahashi hits an open hand slap.  Cobb plants Tanahashi with a release German suplex.  Tanahashi get a Tour of the Islands.

Cobb pins Tanahashi.

Jeff Cobb earns 2 points, and remains undefeated with 14 points.  

Great match.   Tanahashi can wrestle all different styles and he was a bump machine in this match.  He made Cobb look like a monster and at the same time, Cobb had to earn the win after Tanahashi trapped him in the Cloverhold.

Jeff Cobb took the mic and applauded for Tanahashi.   He said two more wins to go.

B Block Standings as of 10/12/21


EVIL - 12

Jeff Cobb - 14

Chase Owens - 2


Tama Tonga - 4

Hirooki Goto - 4

Taichi - 4

Hiroshi Tanahashi - 6

Kazuchika Okada - 14

As it stands, on 10/14, the important matches will be Kazuchika Okada vs. Tama Tonga and Jeff Cobb vs. EVIL.  If Okada and Cobb win, they will meet on 10/20 to determine the winner of B Block.  EVIL will need to beat Cobb and SANADA, and Okada would have to lose both of his final matches, in order for EVIL to win B Block.

Thank you for reading.


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