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By Mike Johnson on 2021-10-14 08:15:00

The debut presentation from Raise the Bar Wrestling in California will take place this tonight in Pomona, CA.  The promotion released the following press release to promote the event:


Raise The Bar Wrestling has announced the details for its inaugural event, which will take place Thursday, October 14th at  The Glass House in Pomona, CA. The event will feature two first-time ever matchups of rising stars in the world of professional wrestling: WATTS vs. AJ Gray and Adrian Quest vs. Lee Moriarty. Tickets are on sale now at

"2020 sparked the beginning of important changes being made across the wrestling industry. Unfortunately also during that time, many promotions were forced to close, leaving extremely talented and, more importantly, good-hearted people without a place to share their gifts with the world,” says RTB producer & head writer Andrew Pulido. “With Raise The Bar, we intend to not only fill that void, but do things better on both sides of the curtain. We aren't reinventing the wheel by any means. This will be pro wrestling as you know and love it, but with a focus on taking better care of both performers and fans. We intend to raise the bar.

“We want to change the standard of how talent and fans are treated in the area, not only by providing unique and beneficial opportunities for talent to grow or giving fans fresh and exciting content, but by ensuring those same talents and fans feel safe, feel heard, and feel accepted,” Pulido adds. “We are building a like-minded roster that will have ZERO tolerance for ignorance or inappropriate behavior, whether in the audience or backstage. Our scene needs to be better, and I'm confident the people involved in this can help make that change."

I’m excited to bring a new monthly event to the Los Angeles area that will showcase the best homegrown talent along with stars of professional wrestling’s future, present, and past from all over the world,” says RTB producer Jonathan King. “Everyone involved behind the scenes of RTB is 100% dedicated to putting on memory making events while keeping the show fun, safe, and inclusive to all.”

With the talent and crew assembled for this kickoff event, we’re all very excited to Raise the Bar of professional wrestling in Los Angeles,” says RTB producer Michael Coughlin. “Our moniker isn't just a name, it's a goal. We want to raise the bar for talents, for fans, for the entire pro wrestling scene in California and beyond.

In addition to Raise The Bar’s in-house production team, the company has aligned with 33 & West, a boutique talent booking agency working in the music, live event, comedy, film, and television industries. “For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of professional wrestling,” adds Matt Pike of 33 & West. “The opportunity to work with and be a part of Raise the Bar is something I couldn't be more excited about. I’m looking forward to taking this product around Southern California and beyond!

All tickets for the event are general admission and $25 in advance / $40 day of show, with doors opening at 7PM / bell time 8PM

Scheduled Matches:


Adrian Quest Vs. Lee Moriarty

Jervis Cottonbelly Vs. Keita Murray


Delilah Doom Vs. CeCe Chanel

“Goldenboy” Jordan Clearwater Vs. Ray Rosas Vs. Fidel Bravo Vs. Danny Divine

* card subject to change

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