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By Kendall Jenkins on 2021-10-05 14:51:00

All over the world, a charity in sports is becoming a common phenomenon, since it is it that allows you to provide the necessary result in the development and popularization of an active lifestyle. Ukraine has not stayed away from this trend, therefore, new funds begin their noble work in the country every year, which cover various areas of helping children in sports. The Parimatch Foundation is no exception. This international charitable organization was founded by Parimatch to successfully implement socially responsible business programs. The Parimatch Foundation has defined its mission in the following areas:

  • supporting the well-being and health of society;

  • involvement of young talents in sports;

  • raising the level of education;

  • fight against isolation and poverty in our country!

It is no secret that discrimination in sports exists in almost any discipline. To eliminate it, complex measures are being taken today, but only through joint efforts, it is possible to overcome this defect and make sport simple and effective.

Charity organizations and their areas of activity

The Parimatch Tech charity today sponsors several programs that are a priority in the development of Ukrainian sports among the younger generation. You can learn more about the work of the fund today by following the link, where the most relevant information is collected. The main activity of the foundation is the development of sports. The priority is sports for children, youth, and students. At the same time, the foundation also supports young talents in our country.

Parimatch Tech charity organization makes a lot of efforts to provide support to children with disabilities. For equal access to physical development, it is important to improve the sports infrastructure in Ukraine, which is an important direction in the work of the organization.

To achieve the goals of the mission, attention is also paid to education. The Foundation finances innovative educational programs for children. He pays due attention to making education more accessible so that every child can benefit from it.

Social assistance to children is extremely important, as today it is important to ensure the health and well-being of children. For this, the foundation is implementing programs aimed at the development of pediatric medicine. Scaling up the social infrastructure makes it possible to assist those who need it. The Foundation also provides targeted assistance to children and families. The company helps children who belong to socially vulnerable groups of the population not only in Ukraine but all over the world. Environmental initiatives take a special place in the program. The Parimatch Foundation finds resources to support projects that are designed to improve the territory and ensure more rational use of natural resources.


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