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By Mike Johnson on 2021-10-04 17:37:00

Former WWWF Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Superstar Billy Graham is slated to undergo a number of medical tests this week in Phoenix to properly diagnose and treat a number of health issues.  Graham was hospitalized on 9/19 in Arizona and diagnosed with an irregular heartbreak and heart failure with fluid in his lungs.   Graham had been back home in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, former WWF and WCW star Brian Knobbs remains under medical care in Florida.  Knobbs had been moved to a physical rehabilitation facility and had been progessing until accidentally falling.  Knobbs broke his clavicle in the fall and required nine stitches in his head after cracking it on the floor.  The facility he is currently in is geared towards senior citizens so the hope is to get him moved to another facility that would be better geared to assist Knobbs.  The Kickstarter campaign to assist him, which has raised over $18,000, is still active.  If you would like to assist, click here. sends our best to Graham, Knobbs and their extended families.

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