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By Mike Johnson on 2021-10-04 16:20:00 has reported recently on a number of professional wrestling personalities being cast for the second season of NBC's Young Rock, which will begin to film later this year in Australia in advance of debuting next year.

None, however, may be as important personally to Dwayne Johnson as the character currently being sought, his own grandfather, WWE Hall of Famer "High Chief" Peter Maivia.

In the casing the for Maivia, he is described as being in his 30s and seen in the 1970s, where he is the founder of Polynesian Pro Wrestling in Hawaii.  He is described as "standing up" for another wrestler in the casting.

While Maivia has been referred to often in the series, this is the first time he will be seen.  In the casting, it is noted he may become a recurring or regular character.  Ana Tuisila plays his wife, Lia Maivia on Young Rock.

Peter Maivia passed away in June 1982 after a battle with cancer.  Born in America Samoa, he initially became a star in pro wrestling in New Zealand and Australia, including holding the NWA Australasian Heavyweight Championship.  He was based out of Hawaii for the remainder of his career as a wrestler and promoter.  He worked as both a babyface and a heel (after turning on Bob Backlund) for the WWWF.  He also appeared in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice:

Below is's coverage of Maivia's 2008 WWE Hall of Fame induction with his grandson The Rock inducting him posthumously and his daughter Ata Johnson, accepting:

The Rock then inducted Peter Maivia, discussing his importance on not just the business but everyone he knew.  He talked about Maivia's charisma as a face and as a heel.  He said that Maivia was known as not just the toughest but also the kindest.

They played a video for Peter Maivia.   Rock pointed out his grandmother then talked about how when he debuted he wanted to make his family proud.  He got very choked out and said that in everything he's done he hopes he's made his grandfather proud because he is so proud of his grandfather.

Rock introduced his mother, Ata Johnson, to accept for Peter.  She said she was worried about speaking about her father in public because she gets emotional talking about him privately.    She told stories of meeting Andre when he was young in France and Peter working for Steve Rickard in Europe.   She told a story of Peter breaking his big toe in the ring while wrestling barefoot against Pat Patterson, then setting it inside the ring and continuing.

She told stores of Dwayne as a child, calling her their pebble.  The crowd chanted pebble and Rock said to never do that again.

Ata told stories of Peter's kindness and said he lived his life to the fullest and loved the business.  She said that's a trait among all wrestlers and she loves them for their passion.  She thanked the Monsoons, the Skaalands and the Strongbows for all they did for the Samoans in the wrestling business.  She said Peter would be so proud of his family for all they've done.

She said it is a proud moment and day for her family and her heart was pounding.  She told her father to take his final bow because tonight is the big finish.  She said as they say in the business, its time to go home.  The crowd gave a standing ovation.

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