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By Mike Johnson on 2021-10-03 00:07:00

Major League Wrestling Fightland spoilers from 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA:

*Mads Krugger defeated Dr. Dax with Holidead. 

*Bud Heavy, wearing a Phillies baseball jersey, came out and was defeated by Kruger as well.

*Alex Kane (with King Mo) defeated Warhorse in his Prize Fight Challenge.  Kane was suplexing him all over.  Alicia Atout interviewed Kane after and he complained he shouldn't be an alternate and deserved to be in the Opera Cup tournament.

*Opera Cup 2021 Opening Round: Calvin Tankman defeated Matt Cross.

*Opera Cup 2021 Opening Round: Bobby Fish defeated Lee Moriarty.

*Opera Cup 2021 Opening Round: Davey Richards defeated Tom Lawlor via submission with a leglock.  Lawlor gave the fans the finger before he passed out.

*Opera Cup 2021 Opening Round: TJP defeated Alex Shelley.

*Homicide debuted as a member of 5150 as part of their wild, all over the place brawl with Los Parks.  It began as a tag team bout.  Homicide joined 5150.  LA Park joined his children and it turned into a Trios match and they brawled for a long, long period of time.   They were brawling again all over ringside as officials and Atlas Security tried to break them up.

*Nicole Savoy defeated Holidead.  Dr. Dax was tied to the ring post.  There was some sort of injury to Savoy towards the end and she was stretchered out and taken to the back. can confirm this is not a work.  We can also confirm that MLW has called for an ambulance for Savoy. 

*Yoshihiro Tajiri won the MLW Middleweight Championship, winning a Four Way over Arez, Aramis and defending Champion Myron Reed.   This was said to be great.  The crowd popped huge for the Tarantula.

*During the four-way, the ambulance arrived and Savoy was taken out of the building.  We are told MLW agent Dave Prazak has gone to the hospital with Savoy.  We will update as we confirm additional information.

*The former Dario Cueto, now known as Cesar Duran made his way to the ring.  Konnan came out and said 5150 wanted Los Parks.  Los Parks and 5150 brawled to the back.  Tom Lawlor came out and said he deserved a main event match, so Duran announced he would face Mil Muertes in a casket match tonight.  Alex Kane came out and complained he wasn't in the tournament.  Calvin came out, a bandage on his head, and fought with Kane, so Duran declared they would have the match now.....

*Opera Cup Semi-Final: Calvin Tankman pinned alternate Alex Kane with a bodypress off the ropes.   Kane subbed for TJP.    We don't have details as to why yet.  The original plan was for Tankman to defeat TJP to advance to the finals, so in the end, MLW got to their objective.

*We are told that the Savoy injury happened after a hard kick to the chest.  She is currently being checked out at the hospital.

*Catarina from Lucha Underground debuted, accompanying Mil Muertes to the ring.  This debut was originally slated for last July here in Philly, but there were logistical issues that kept her from appearing.  Mil Muertes' mystery match was the aforementioned Casket Match, defending the MLW Carribean Championship.   His challenger was Tom Lawlor.  Muertes won the bout.  Lawlor was rolled off in the Casket, which had its top broken off during the bout.

*Survival Elimination Match Team EJ Nduka & Savio Vega & Richard Holliday & Warhorse & Zenshi & The Blue Meanie defeated Team Ikuro Kwon & King Mo & Gino Medina & Kevin Ku & KC Navarro & The Beastman (with Kimchee).  EJ Nuduka pinned Kwon to become the sole survivor.

*Opera Cup Semi-Final: Davey Richards defeated Bobby Fish.  The crowd was getting tired at this point.  Richards praised Fish on the mic after the match.  Fish still attacked.  Fish and TJP, who came out with a chair, beat Richards down.  It will be Calvin Tankman vs. Davey Richards in the finals, which will likely take place on 11/6 in Philadelphia.

*Sea Stars defeated Willow Nightingale & Zoey Skye.  Holidead was under the ring and pulled Willow down under the ring with her, so she wasn't able to help Zoey, who was double teamed and beaten.  The idea was the Sea Stars didn't know what happened.

*MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone defeated MLW Champion Jacob Fatu in 30 minute+ title vs. title match to become the ninth man to hold the MLW Championship, ending Fatu's 819 title reign.  The crowd was very much split down the middle with a very large contingent for Fatu.  Fatu nailed an old school RVD Van Terminator at one point, diving across the ring with the chair in hand.  Confetti rained down to mark the title change.

Hammerstone vs. Fatu and the Middleweight title four way will air this Thursday on VICE TV at 10 PM EST.


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