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By Dave Scherer on 2021-09-26 10:00:00

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With next year’s Money in the Bank PPV getting stadium treatment, is it fair to say that the MITB PPV is now on par with the Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series in prominence?

I think it all comes down to the person doing the perceiving.  To me, it will never be a big PPV but if they can sell 40 or 50,000 seats next year, they could make the case that it is.

I was listening to a classic episode of the Steve Austin Show podcast on PodcastOne where he was interviewing William Regal and in the middle of the episode, they were talking about some of their favorite matches.  Austin asked Regal his feelings about Savage/Steamboat at WrestleMania 3. Regal hesitated for a bit and said he loved it until he talked to Ricky about it. Austin said he knew what he was talking about and then they blew it off as something "inside" and moved on with their discussion. It seemed like they didn't want to disrespect Savage. It was interesting to hear that moment. Do you have any insight to this? Did it have something to do with Savage demanding to rehearse and go over every spot in a lot of his matches?

I think you figured it out.  I will stay with Regal and Austin on this one.

Are you guys a news site or a fan site? just seems that you have very little impartiality. AEW had a great show overall Wednesday, but man you read like a propaganda arm of the company lately.

We are a news site run by people that also have opinions.  What I have found over the years is that people like you can't tell the difference.  For months, people like you were saying I hated AEW.  Now, people like you are saying I love it.  Here's the deal, when I like something, I will tell you that I do and tell you why.  When I don't, it's the same thing.  Here's some advice for you, just because someone doesn't agree with your opinion doesn't mean they are biased.  It's pretty self absorbed of you to think that they are.  It’s also especially hilarious given our review of Part Two of Grand Slam on the FMB yesterday.

As great as Sting was, do you think he should still be wrestling, and by wrestling, he is damaging his legacy?

I don't think anyone in their 60s should be wrestling.  Ric Flair definitely hurt his legacy with what he did in TNA.  Sting looked fantastic on Dynamite so he hasn't done that at this time.  I hope he never does.

I don’t get it. How is Adam Cole going from being top dog in NXT to second banana in AEW? I have to figure he will break with that group and go for the title sometime down the line..but how soon?

What do you think?

There are few things to cover here. AEW just brought in two legitimate top guys in CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.  They are known around the world and have brought fans to the product.  You can only have some many top of the card acts and these two, added to those that AEW already had, have filled that up.  I love Cole but he was the top guy on the company's third brand.  He's known to the hardcore fans but not to the masses.  It makes perfect sense to have him come and be introduced to the AEW fan base that doesn't know who he is.  I sure hope that his time in The Elite is temporary.  He deserves to be out on his own.

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