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By Mike Johnson on 2021-09-25 10:00:00

Saw the question today about Europe pricing themselves out for Danielson’s theme music and I’m just as shocked as you are. Figured at this point a band like that would by DYING to get that kind of attention (and money) on weekly national television.   Do you happen to know any of the numbers? i.e. What they were asking and what Tony Khan’s ceiling was? Very curious about this now.   Very disappointing too. With all of the songs he’s been licensing I figured it was a given that The American Dragon would get his old ROH theme again. 

I haven't heard exact numbers but one of the stories making the rounds placed it in the millions.  I don't blame AEW for passing on the idea, because that money could be better spent elsewhere in my opinion.  Whoever Europe's management is, they didn't strike out, in my opinion, they missed arriving at the ballpark altogether.

I was listening to a classic episode of the Steve Austin Show podcast where he was interviewing William Regal and in the middle of the episode, they were talking about some of their favorite matches.  Austin asked Regal his feelings about Savage/Steamboat at WrestleMania 3. Regal hesitated for a bit and said he loved it until he talked to Ricky about it. Austin said he knew what he was talking about and then they blew it off as something "inside" and moved on with their discussion. It seemed like they didn't want to disrespect Savage. It was interesting to hear that moment. Do you have any insight to this? Did it have something to do with Savage demanding to rehearse and go over every spot in a lot of his matches?

I believe it was probably that the match wasn't called in the ring but had been very much memorized in advance as they wanted to steal the show from Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, which they absolutely accomplished.

Where is New Japan Strong filmed?

Thunder Studios in Los Angeles.

WWE has announced a PPV for Sunday, 12/13 in Chicago – has that changed?

Yes, the PPV will now be 12/19 in another market.  Chicago will get a Smackdown taping on 12/17.

Do you think AEW's success in NYC means Madison Square Garden will open the doors for them? 

I can't imagine we don't see AEW in MSG one day, especially if WWE continues to put major PPVs at the Barclays Center.  One thing that AEW has shown over the last month is that they can fill large scale arenas across the country.  That opens the doors for other large scale arenas to want them to run their venues, especially in a world where everyone is trying to make up all the money lost during the pandemic.

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