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By Dave Scherer on 2021-09-21 10:00:00

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Of all the questionable booking decisions WWE has come up with in recent memory, turning a returning Becky Lynch heel may be the most puzzling, mind-numbing one of them all.  Can you think of one reason, any reason at all why Vince would think it's a good idea to take arguably your most popular babyface in recent years, who just came back from taking time off after having a baby, and turn her heel at this point?

Nope, I can’t think of one good reason to do it.  It was a dumb decision.  If they wanted to turn her heel, the smart play would have been bring her back for a little while as a face and make some money off of her return first.  it was a stupid call, no doubt about it.  Plus, the fans want to cheer her.  WWE booking often makes no sense at all.

Do you think that Vince McMahon’s consistently bad booking decisions are hurting his legacy?

That’s a complex question for sure.  Overall, no.  They are in the midst of huge deals for their content and those deals came from his vision.  Sure, a lot of it is due to his past vision, but still, I have to be fair and say that vision led him to where the company is now.  So he is safe for now.  If they take a huge step backward when their deals expire in three years, that could definitely be a black mark on his legacy.  On the flip side, if he sells the company for many billions of dollars before we get to that point, it will have the opposite effect.

Regarding the Big E title win, well, why should I care? It’s obvious someone new every year, whether they have the briefcase or not, gets pushed as a new champion, like Drew McIntyre, and then the reign is over, and they are back to the mid card….

Plus, they had a big time babyface act like a heel in poaching the belt off of a hurt champion, who just worked a long, hard match.  In case you missed it, they hammered that fact home on Smackdown.  How COULD they have gotten out of making E a heel by facing whoever just came out of the hard match?  By having him say that he is cashing in… EXTREME RULES when you are fresh and have no excuses.  But instead, they did what you described.  Vince has no idea how to book anymore.

Also, speaking of the briefcase, to repeat, why should I care? This year’s cash-ins happened within weeks after money in the bank, and Nikki has already lost her title. It’s obvious they no longer plan to have a briefcase holder hang onto it for months and then do a surprise cash-in…

You are asking the wrong person.  I have hated the briefcase for years now.

Why does WWE not want viewers to know a wrestler is the son of a former wrestler?

It's actually worse than that.  Remember when they TOLD us Joe Hennig was the son of Curt, yet they called him Curtis Axel?  That took the stupidity to a new level.  It's a Vince McMahon call.  I never try and explain what goes on in his mind.

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