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By Mike Johnson on 2021-09-13 22:58:00

Big E, 35, defeated Bobby Lashley to become the new WWE Champion after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase, as promised, to close Monday Night Raw in Boston, MA.

The story of the show was that E would cash in on whoever won the announced main event, Lashley defending against Randy Orton.

Big E was signed to a WWE developmental deal in 2009, holding the WWE NXT Championship as Big E. Langston.  He was brought to the main roster in 2012 as a heel aligned with AJ Lee and had a run with the Intercontinental title, but truly broke through as one third of The New Day when that group was created in 2014.

E, while still aligned with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, was pushed as a singles talent after they were shifted to Raw in the October 2020 Draft.  He won a second Intercontinental Championship and earlier this year, won the the Money in the Bank Men's Ladder Match to earn the briefcase, the first black WWE talent to do so.  Tonight, he became the first Black competitor to successfully cash in and win the WWE Championship as well.

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