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By Dave Scherer on 2021-09-15 10:00:00

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This may be a difficult question to answer as it’s probably more of a business law type question. We’ll all know that Vince McMahon is the majority shareholder and Chairman of the Board for WWE, but his decision making has been suspect the last few years. Is there any way he could legally be removed from his position?

The one way I could think of to remove him would be for his family to petition to deem him incompetent and for a court to grant the motion.  I don’t see that happening.  So, unless (or until) Vince sells the company, we are stick with his whims.

With Dynamite scoring 1.3+mil after All Out, isn't it a little weird since most of the top guys were not wrestling (or not there) having the night off (which they deserved)?  To me, the matches we did get weren't all that great - except for Mox v Minoru and Dustin v Black). All the non-wrestling in-ring segments were better than the rest of the matches. I half expected Starks to ambush Punk as he turned and started down the (heel) tunnel after walking backwards from Hobbs, Hook and Taz.  Your thoughts?

First off, post PPV should always draw a bigger audience due to fans who didn’t buy the show wanting to know what happened and how it will be followed up.  More than that, I know this comes across as counter intuitive, good wrestling matches aren’t what draw them in.  Characters, stories and promos are.  The hardcore watch for matches.  The more casual fans watch for entertainment.

When WWE Network moved to Peacock, NBCU made the decision to remove a match and a few segments they felt were inappropriate. What do you think would have happened if they deemed a Wrestlemania main event inappropriate? Do you think they would still remove it?

If it were to happen, sure.  But the company knows the parameters under which they are producing product.  I don’t see that ever being an issue.

Do you think how AEW brought in Adam Cole was a mistake? He comes in with a ton of momentum, because of the online buzz, and is a great talent with lots of potential but as soon as he makes his debut he steps aside to be just another guy in a group so then Omega can do his sign off. To me it was a waste of a talent that could brought in as a top guy not just another guy in a group.

So you have seen one show and it’s a mistake already?  That’s a little harsh.  I don’t want Cole to be just a guy in the Elite either but I will give them time to tell a story.  Hopefully he breaks away and goes on his own, which is what they should do with a person of his talent.

Do you think AEW bringing in all this top tier talent will help improve the booking and feature less of what Jim Cornette would call indy mud show talent.

The booking already has improved since they started running in front of crowds again.  I have seen really strong changes in Tony Khan’s approach and I think that will continue.  Having the new wrestlers that have come in should just help even more.

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