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By Mike Johnson on 2021-09-09 09:30:00

MLW should be making several announcements regarding their Fightland event on 10/2 in Philadelphia, PA shortly.  We are told there will be announcements of competitors in the Opera Cup coming as soon as today and additional matches for the event, but more importantly, there will also be a TV announcement regarding how the show will air shortly.  The show will be headlined by MLW Champion Jacob Fatu vs. MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone in a title vs. title bout.

Court Bauer wrote on Twitter news on the promotion's return to Vice TV would be coming shortly.

The 10/2 show, MLW sources state, will feature a lot of new directions for talents and is being designed to be a new chapter for the promotion.

There are plans to run Saturday Night Superfight again over Super Bowl weekend on Saturday 2/12/22.  There will be details on the event and the market it will be held in coming later this fall.

It was announced yesterday that AEW had signed Lee Moriarty.  He was announced as part of the talent roster in MLW but was never signed and had always been presented as a free agent, similar to Killer Kross when he came in for a few shots in between Impact Wrestling and WWE.

MLW Anthology this weekend on BeIn Sport will be the LA Park-centric episode.

The promotion is putting together another co-promoted event for later in the year but it will not be in Mexico.  They have a co-promoted event coming up with The Crash shortly.

The promotion has released an official Azteca Underground mask at

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