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By Anthony Pires on 2021-09-08 09:20:00

We are coming to you from the Chase Ballroom in St. Louis.  Jamie Stanley and El Rudo are with May Valentine. After their play in victory, do they have a chance at beating Aron Stevens & Kratos in the eliminator tournament?  They are pretty confident.  They say they're the future of the NWA Tag Team division.  The NWA is about to get lit.

Tim Storm, Joe Galli and NWA World's Champion Trevor Murdoch are on the call.

Jordan Clearwater and Cyon the Masked Mystery Man vs. the End (Eliminator Tournament Quarter Final)

It's a brawl at the outset as Parrow and Clearwater face off.  Parrow with chops.  Odinson tosses Clearwater back in as Austin Idol makes his way to ringside (Velvet Sky has replaced Murdoch in the booth).  Odison stomps the back. Cyon is either down OR has abandoned Clearwater.  Boston Crab by Parrow and Odinson with a legdrop, Cyon breaks up the pin.  He tags in and lays forearms to Parrow into a rear chinlock.  Clearwater tags in and scores a 1 count.  This show was clearly taped on NWA 73 weekend. If I were the NWA, I would have reconfigured the set up so it wouldn't look like an empty arena.  There enough fans there that they could have set them up on the hard camera side.

Clearwater kicks Parrow but can't execute the suplex.  He and Cyon get a double suplex on Parrow.  Odinson and Cyon are now legal and Thor's brother is clearing house.  He scores a kneedrop for 2.  The End nails the Hell on Earth on Clearwater and that's all she wrote.

WINNERS: Parrow and Odinson

PJ and Luke Hawx are with Ms. Valentine.  They're ready for the next step in the eliminator tournament againt Colby Corino and JTG.

Judais w/The Sinister Minister vs Jeremiah Plunkett

Judais has that National Title shot in his back pocket.  Chris Adonis better be worries.  Plunkett gets thrown straight down and Judais with body shots.  Big overhead forearms and chops by Judais.  Judais with shoulder blocks and a big clothesline in the corner.  Boot to the face by Judais.  Fallaway slam by Judais, this is a beatown this far.  Razors Edge by Judais and he scores the pin.

WINNER: Judais.

The Minsiter wants another power bomb, which brings out James Strom, who grabs the mic. He tells Judais to try that on him.  The Minster says Storm has a death wish.  Storm lays down the challenge and walks off.  

Jax Dane and Crimson square off at the desk. Dane calls Crimson jealous of his Champions Series win. His title shot is NOT up for grabs.  Crimson is bothered by what happened at NWA 73.  Crimson tells him that everyone sees him as the world's luckiest loser.  He wishes Dane "luck" and wants to humiliate him.  It's Dane v Crimson next week.

Kylie Rae vs. Tootie Lynn

NWA has done some editing and has now moved the hard camera.  NOW the place looks great and well attended.  Code of Honor adhered to before a tight lockup. Arm twist reversals, Kylie scores a full nelson.  Lynn reverses into a crucifix for 2.  Kylie with a tight waistlock, Lynn forces the break and applies an octopus stretch and drives Lynn's head repeatedly into the buckles.  Armdrag by Rae and Lynn responds with kicks.  Back elbow by Lynn and a big boot to the face.  Shotgun kick by Lynn for 2.  They trade arbar attempts but Kylie slaps on the STF and Lynn has no choice but to tap.

WINNER Kylie Rae

Kylie's NWA record is too good for her not to be the number one contender.

Austin Idol's army (Clearwater, Black Jeez and NWA TV Champion Tyrus) have a moment at the desk.  They're not happy with Black Jeez getting out of line last week.  Jeez apologizes and all is good.  These guys are relentless on Davis.

Tag Team Eliminator Match: Big Strong Pals Sal Rinauro and Mims w/ Danny Deals vs. Slice Boogie and Marshe Rockett

Mims and Rockett lockup, Rockett with a headlock, Mims reverses into a standing switch, back to a side headlock.  Cheap shot by Boogie, rollup by Mims.  Chops by Rockett, he misses a dropkick and hits a big splash before tagging in Sal.  Mims slams Sal onto Rockett for 2.  Danny Deals goes to the apron and gets chased away by Rockett.  Boogie tags in and Sal avoids a series of clotheslines. Sal with a headscissors but Boogie with a snake eyes and tags in Rockett. Rockett with a dropkick and a high back body drop.  Boogie tags in an nails a legdrop for 2.  Sal gets the tag and Mims bowls Rockett and Boogie over with a series of clotheslines.  Sal tags in and they nail a Rocket Launcher.  Springboard stunner by Sal for 2.  Sal tries a moonsault after a blind tag to Mims.  Mims with a hard belly to back on Boogie for the pin.

WINNERS: Sal Rinauro and Mims

Paola Blaze and Marti Belle are with Kyle Davis.  Belle is not happy with Manager Tarryn Terrel getting involved.  These 2 and Allysin Kay and Jennacide will square off in sinlges competition.  One victory by Terrel's charges and they get an NWA Womens Tag Team Title shot.

We take a look back at the 1044 day title reign of Nick Aldis.  Strictly Business approaches the booth and Kyle Davis is not happy over being punched by Aldis at NWA 73. Mr. Aldis, the gentleman he is, offers an apology.  He informs Mr. Corgan that, although they went nose to nose at the PPV, he admires what they've built.  Aldis is proud of carrying the legacy of past NWA Champions for 1044 days.  And now for Trevor Murdoch.  The former champion offers his congratulations to the new champion.  He reminds Murdoch that he now has the target on his back.  Aldis is coming for the title.  Mickie James joins her husband's side as we go to credits.

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