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By Mike Johnson on 2021-09-03 10:00:00

I was wondering how Tyler Breeze is still on the WWE UpUpDownDown YouTube channel since they released him?

My guess is that it is one of two things - they either have older content they recorded that hadn't been released or more likely, the company and Breeze came to some sort of agreement that kept him associated loosely for the UpUpDownDown programming while allowing him to pursue outside efforts.

Someone mentioned the return of WWE to the Garden and that got me thinking, what do you think was the best match you saw at the Garden that didn't air on TV, PPV, etc.  I figured that would be an interesting question.

I can tell you that the first one that comes to mind was probably one of the best Cage matches I ever saw - July 13, 1993, Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna.  I have no idea if a tape of it exists but it was absolutely incredible and really showcased what a great worker Yokozuna was (something I don't think enough people really acknowledge) and Hart was at the top of his game.  They had MSG rocking in the best way.

I was also wondering if you had to suggest five venues that WWE runs that people need to experience a show in, what would they be?

Well, the Garden for sure, for the history and the ambiance.  I think the best WWE building I've ever been in for crowd atmosphere is the Allstate Center in Chicago, so that would be my number two.  The Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore is easily number three as it's got a TON of history and the sight lines from the balcony are amazing.  The TDBank Garden in Boston is usually great for atmosphere.  I would always say the Wells Fargo Center for a big event because there is nothing as fun as a raucous Philly crowd.   The Staples Center would be my runner-up choice.  If for some reason WWE ever runs the Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center again, I'd also suggest that building since it would be the most intimate WWE experience you'd ever have for a live event.

Is there a venue you wished you'd been able to attend?

Yes, I'd loved to have seen Memphis Wrestling at the Mid-South Coliseum.    That and the Boutwell Auditorium, when I was growing up watching CWA and Continental on cable, were the goals.  I eventually was at an ECW show in The Boutwell in 2000 and explored every nook and cranny of the place before the show.  I sadly never got to the Mid-South Coliseum but if it is ever repurposed and re-opened, I'd love to check it out.  Tons of history there.  

What happened with the Alberto Del Rio trial?  I see he's working independent shows.

The trial was pushed back to October 25th.   Beyond that, we have no current update on the situation.

Any idea what AEW will charge for those Dark tapings at Universal Studios?  When do these tapings start?  

Nothing.  My guess is it will be free with park admission on taping days.  It used to be that when TNA ran there, they could not charge for admission for an event on park property, but what they did to get around it was charge a fee and you'd get an extra event (like a dinner the night before with talents or an autograph signing that day off Universal property) and there would be a separate entrance for the event for those passholders.  So, AEW could go that route but my best guess is it'll be free as long as you are in the park that day.  There's been no announced debut for the tapings.

Any wrestler you'd have wanted to interview but it's too late now?

Eddie Gilbert.

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