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By Mike Johnson on 2021-08-30 19:50:00

Going forward, Indi Hartwell will be on the babyface side of the WWE NXT roster.

WWE NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez will be presented as a babyface going forward as well.

In regard to stories making the rounds that WWE will no longer recruit or hire independent wrestlers, we are told that is not 100% accurate.  As part of the shift in WWE NXT and the developmental division, there has been indeed been a push internally within WWE to go for larger athletes outside of wrestling circles that the company can "mold like raw clay to become WWE stars," as it was described to me by one source. 

We are told that while WWE is throwing a vastly larger net in terms of recruiting outside the indy scene moving forward, they are not opposed to hiring indy talents.   There is a feeling that the company swung too far in one direction on the pendulum, so now they will swing in a different direction.  That said, we are also told that if an independent talent comes to the company's attention or someone is suggested to the company as being worth the company's time to recruit, WWE will look and evaluate them.   We are told it is not about closing the door completely but the company changing their focus.  So, the days of a William Regal showing up at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, for example, aren't done completely, but there is a push for younger, raw talents who can go through WWE 101 as opposed to just trying to pluck hot indy talents for NXT.

New signing Sefa Fatu tweeted:


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