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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-28 10:00:00

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I have a few questions all pertaining to AEW’s growing roster.  With some of their recent big signings and those rumored still to come, do you think AEW has too much talent with too little time to properly use everyone?

I don’t think it’s even close to that yet.  They have three hours to fill now, plus Dark and Dark Elevation.  Plus I like the idea of having “more talent than they need”.  It can allow talent to get breaks and not be overexposed on TV.  There may come a point where they have too much, but they aren’t there yet in my opinion, especially given the high quality wrestlers that they have signed.

Do they need another hour for Rampage to alleviate the issue?

NO!  I love the one hour format.  Less is more for sure!

Should they release some of the lesser used talent? Personally I think they definitely have some barely used performers who could be trimmed.

Only if Tony Khan thinks they need to do it.  Personally, they have a lot of younger talent that can now grow due to them bringing in some more established talent.  I think that is a good thing.

How do you think they should manage their growing roster?  Do they need another title so there’s more for some of them to do?  Specifically the rumored trios title?

I don’t think so.  They are doing a good job of putting top talent in feuds without a Title on the line, like MJF-Jericho and now Punk-Allin.  A good booker can keep talents strong without a Title in the feud.  Too many belts make them less important to me, not more.

Finally, with multiple ex-WWE guys at or near the top of the roster (possibly more incoming), how do they balance that with continuing to elevate the talent that was there from day one?

Punk is working Darby. If Darby loses to Punk, he still should be elevated.  That’s how to do it.  I think the issue is that WWE has booked so poorly for so long where keeping talents strong is concerned that some fans forget that it can be done.

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