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By Mike Johnson on 2021-08-23 21:30:00

For those asking about Kofi Kingston disappearing from WWE TV and not being part of Summerslam or Raw, has been told by multiple sources that he is not currently cleared to perform.  Kingston was originally slated to be part of the promotional segment pushing the Pure Life Purified Water brand with Xavier, dressed as another member of the NWO, but obviously that did not happen.  He was not on the road this weekend.  WWE has released a NWO parody shirt using the old logo for NDR - New Day Rocks.

We are told the Baron Corbin Las Vegas deal will be a WWE social media storyline that will play out all week before Smackdown, at which point there will be some sort of story twist.  WWE apparently filmed a lot of content with Corbin in Vegas over the weekend.   As we reported last night, there were plans at one point to film content with illusionist Criss Angel in Vegas, but no word as to whether it was part of this.

Keith Lee won another dark match against an unannounced opponent at tonight's Raw taping.

Francisco Ciatso is working as a Guest Coach at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida this week.

WWE NXT taped one episode of TV today and are slated to tape two episodes tomorrow.  If anyone is attending and wants to send along spoiler reports, please feel free to contact me by clicking my name above.

As of today, no updates on the Lex Luger or Superfan: The Story of Vladimir documentaries being released.

Taped for this week's WWE Main Event:

*Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin.

*The Viking Raiders vs. The Lucha House Party.

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