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By Kendall Jenkins on 2021-08-14 08:58:00

In the United States, some scholars classified Kratom as an opioid. Since it is classified as an opioid, it is better not to consume it during pregnancy. The natural substances it contains may have opioid or stimulant effects. Proponents call it healing and lifesaving, while the federal government calls it dangerous and addictive. Kratom is a herbal tea coming from a coffee family. Kratom's strains are usually prepared as tea. With overdoses, it can render a sedative sensation. Nowadays, it has become popular more often during pregnancy.

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Varieties of Kratom:

There are many differences in the varieties of Kratom tea, depending on the specific growth location of the range. The most commons are:

  • Borneo red.
  • Malaysian cuisine.
  • Maeng Da
  • White Bali.
  • Biak-Biak.

In addition, the strength and location of the active ingredients in different plant species are similar but not the same. Therefore, farmers use the color of the veins to different categories such as:

  • Red
  • Green
  • White
  • Yellow

In addition, there is categorization on the basis of the place where the kratom comes from like red vein thai kratom comes from Thailand and Indo kratom from Indonesia.

Methods of Kratom:

Pharmacological studies show that kratom contains more than twenty effective compounds. But more research is required to entirely recognize how the body interacts with an organic composition of these compounds. 

  • Compounds known for their impacts on the body include mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. It produces a feeling of increased energy in low doses and relieves physical discomfort in high doses.
  • Pharmacological studies have shown that these compounds interact with certain receptors in the brain related to the perception of pain. Although the complete description of this contact is not yet entirely recognized. 
  • Several studies and clinical studies have shown that kratom can cause acute liver damage. In addition, it is more dangerous when combined with other ingredients that stress the liver (such as tobacco or alcohol).

Methods of Usage:

 Most users will double the amount of powder. In order not to get high, please remember:

  • 1-5 grams will reduce your anxiety for 23 hours. After that, you can focus on your daily work with the necessary energy, and your mood will improve significantly.
  • 5 to 15 grams (equivalent to powder-free tea) can relieve pain, reduce work pressure or prolong sleep time.
  • The same amount of kratom will help you control diarrhoea and cough. If you are rehabilitating drugs and trying to quit smoking and drinking, tea will also help you overcome difficulties.
  • In addition, high doses can severely affect the nervous system, resulting in a significant reduction in breathing. It can also cause tachycardia, so we strongly recommend that you consume no more than 1-5 grams of craton per day.
  • Considering the different strengths of kratom alkaloids in several provinces in South Asia, it also changes the number of leaves to be boiled. For example, the average content of Malaysian varieties is 12%, while the average content of Thai varieties reaches 65%.

You can refresh yourself by adding some fruits such as lemons or oranges. In addition, acidic ingredients such as vinegar or cider will slow the breakdown of chemicals in the tea, thereby improving the aroma and refreshing taste of the drink.

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Kratom’s Benefit & Side Effects During Pregnancy:

Pregnant women must regulate everything they put in their bodies. While the fetus is expanding in the body, it might be affected by everything a pregnant woman ingests. Hence, it is best to seek advice from a doctor before using any substance during pregnancy, including kratom.


This may be a daunting task for pregnant women when they cannot use the traditional medicines they used to take. However, some users have found Kratom as an organic substance with effective physical and emotional support. Some of the aids mentioned by users are:

  • Helps To Fall Asleep (Red Sumatra kratom is the best kratom for sleep, relieving pain, and indorsing relaxation. It is perfect for those who want respite after a hard day).
  • Temporarily Relieves Physical Discomfort 
  • Improves Mood
  • Supports Better Concentration and Motivation
  • Calms The Nerves and Supports Relaxed Thinking.

Side Effects:

The benefits of kratom are reported to support Pregnancy seems attractive. But more research is required to understand how kratom cooperates with the body. In addition, kratom is detrimental to unborn and newborn children. Because it is an opioid, mothers who take Kratom may experience withdrawal symptoms in the period of pregnancy.

The side effects may include: 

Basic symptoms related to its withdrawal include

  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Abdominal Pain.
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea Headache
  • Hot Flashes
  • Tremors
  • Hiccups.

Other psychosomatic symptoms of withdrawal include

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Sadness
  • Delusions
  • Confusion
  • Aggression
  • Strong Desires
  • Hallucinations.

If you take kratom regularly and become pregnant, please seek advice from your doctor as soon as possible. Some side effects vary from moderate to severe. It may depend on pressure and dosage and can occur simultaneously or separately.

Is it safe to take kratom while pregnant?

Medical literature is increasingly reporting that pregnant women consume kratom. So now let's see whether it is safe to take during pregnancy:

  • Kratom contains sedative effects. However, it is distinct from morphine. It does not appear to inhibit breathing.
  • There is another reason for using it during the prenatal period and breastfeeding. Unlike real opioids, traditional drug tests cannot detect kratom. (However, this can be confirmed by a special urine test with a long reaction time.
  • For adults, it can render several toxic effects. For some, it might cause stomach pain, fainting, and liver toxicity.

Kratom Can Cause Dangerous Weight Loss- First, it is not a healthy activity to lose weight while pregnant is going on. And in the case of kratom it can cause weight loss unexpectedly, so using kratom during pregnancy can be severe.

Kratom Can Produce Unpleasant Pregnancy Symptoms- Common urinary tract problems and constipation can occur during pregnancy, so kratom can make these negative effects more dangerous.

For instance, it may cause dehydration for pregnant women, which can lead to uterine cramps and premature delivery. In addition, the painful constipation problem may worsen. Kratom can also cause nausea in some people, which can aggravate existing vomiting symptoms. 

The danger of addiction- Kratom may also cause addiction to users if it becomes continuous. This is not good for babies because they also experience addiction and feelings of addiction. In addition, people addicted to kratom sometimes need the same techniques used to cure withdrawal signs of painkillers. It is important to remember this because it will undoubtedly be harmful.


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