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By Kendall Jenkins on 2021-08-11 17:56:00

Have you ever considered making a broadcasting career in one of the Australian casinos? Well, it has become a recent trend among local gamblers. Leve casinos for VIP gambling players are now calling themselves “casino streamers.” And here is why.

Online creators are streaming themselves by playing casino games like pokies, baccarat, and poker. This way they develop large audiences. Australian creators claim that they’re gambling with real money, which allows them to earn money from paid subscriptions, endorsements, advertisements, and sponsorships.  It's also a great place to utilize mobile roulette apps.

Australians are developing large online followings by broadcasting themselves wagering on real money and video streaming on Twitch and YouTube. And it’s incredibly popular. According to the unofficial stream tracker Twitch Metrics, the category of AU pokies on Twitch has taken the 19th place on the popularity rating of Twitch in 2020. The site claims that users spent around 12 million hours watching pokies streams every year. Seems a lot, don’t you think so?

During the pandemic, more people got engaged into online streaming as a form of entertainment. Mainly elated to video games, the creators have built up careers for themselves by gambling online and interacting with their audiences.

Broadcasting themselves

Australian gamblers like broadcasting themselves in a good way. This is why they choose the best casinos from Aussie Online Casino and the best games like “Fortnite” and “Fall Guys”. Many of them decide to stream every single details of their gambling adventure. When they choose games? How they make BPay deposit at online casinos? Where they make payouts?

The live streams are showed on the screen by displaying the streamers’ reactions to the game and their audience. In the case of a positive result, streamers hoot and cheer so that everyone can see it. In the case of a winning result, streamers can interact with the audience. In fact, streamers can do a lot of nice things during their streams. They have a lot of opportunities in their arsenal. For example, they often host charity streams which raise hundreds or even thousands of dollars of donations. This money is usually directed to medical and educational purposes to different organizations.

Of course, Australian streamers with bright and open personalities have more chances of gaining a huge audience. Charisma is a key to success when it comes to the entertainment industry. In this case, a streamer can get an average of 250 viewers on each stream, and find more than 300 paid subscribers on his/her channel. To increase their audiences, streamers often join into online communities to share their content with more than 100,000 people. On Facebook, you will definitely find more than several options.

Are you wondering about this kind of streaming content? You can try to find the options at OnlineCasinoAussie or focus your search on the web straight away. The main pint is to find the streamer that resonates with your personality. You may find yourself stuck on his/her channel for a while. In fact, many streamers are gambling addicts themselves.

Captain Davo, one of the popular streamers, once posted a video of himself winning $250,000 on a slot machine. He shared images on social media of expensive cars and frequent trips to exotic locations which are paid for by his winnings. How truthful is this information? You will never find out. AU gambling experts encourage online users to not believe everything shown and said by streamers. They use multiple tricks to expand their audiences. So, just treat online streams as a great adventure.

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