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By Grant Fletcher on 2021-08-02 10:12:00

Wildkat Sports and Entertainment

The Return of Wildkat Wrestling

by Grant Fletcher

This past Saturday, 7/31, a slew of masked wrestling fans gathered for the first time in 18 months to get a glimpse to watch the superstars of Wildkat Sports and Entertainment do their thing. Owner and wrestler Luke Hawx took to the ring at the start of the show. He thanked the fans in Metairie, Louisiana’s Grace King Auditorium for showing up tonight and abiding by local mandates in order to allow the Wildkat crew to put on another event. He explained that it had been a long process just to put on this particular card, and that the support of the fans made it all worth it. As the crowd cheered, Hawx introduced Wildkat’s new ring announcer and the action was on!

Stevie Richards def. Chuck Devine via pinfall

The audience was fired up for veteran and Wildkat fan favorite, Stevie Richards’ return, but the celebration was cut short when Chuck Devine attacked the 22-time WWE Hardcore Champion from behind. Devine ripped off Richards’ jacket and began choking Stevie with it. Chuck worked over Stevie Richards with chin locks and knees to the midsection, gloating all the while.

Chuck Devine took the showboating to the next level by slipping on Richards’ jacket as he ascended the top rope, but Devine missed a diving senton from the top rope. Stevie Richards handed Chuck a receipt in the form of repeated knees to the gut. Devine wound up a big right hand, but Stevie ducked the punch and cracked Chuck with a Stevie Kick as Devine spun around. A dazed Chuck Devine stayed down for the pinfall, giving Stevie Richards the first win of the evening.

This was exactly what the Wildkat fans wanted to start off the night and they were not shy about showing their approval.

Jimmy and Jazzy Yang def The Revolt (Caleb Konley and Zane Riley) via pinfall

The Wildkat fans were fired up to see former WWE Superstar Jimmy Yang and his daughter Jazzy Yang take on The Revolt. Before the match began Jimmy Yang led the crowd in a, “You suck!” chant aimed at Konley and Riley. Riley grabbed a microphone and threatened to leave the ring if the fans didn’t stop their jeering which caused the rowdy crowd to double down. The Revolt began walking to the back, but stopped to deliberate on their next course of action when the referee began to count them out. 

After several moments of going back and forth, The Revolt decided to reenter the match. Once inside Caleb Konley overpowered the smaller Jazzy Yang. Her odds looked bleak until she surprised Konley with a headscissor takedown, and tagged in her father. Konley and Riley were able to cut Jimmy Yang off from his corner and began grinding down the WWE alum. 

Just as The Revolt were going in for the kill, Jimmy Yang leapt up from the floor to the top rope for a springboard moonsault onto a standing Zane Riley. Jazzy Yang tagged back in and began darting around the ring in order to misdirect The Revolt. Jazzy caused Riley to deliver a standing body splash onto Caleb Konley. She then moved out of the way of Zane Riley’s cannonball attempt, causing the 300lb big man to crash into the turnbuckle. 

Konley tried to take out Jazzy Yang by diving from the top rope, but Yang had it scouted and caught Caleb Konley with an Ace Crusher on the way down allowing her to grab the 3 count.

Another hot match that kept the crowd engaged, entertained and energized. 

‘The Prodigy’ PJ Hawx and Brady Pierce battle to a no contest

The co-Wildkat Tag Team Champion, PJ Hawx, entered first and told the Wildkat crowd that he was looking to test himself against a skilled athlete, and that’s why Brady Pierce was brought in for this specific show. He explained that the two had been working together on the upcoming Starz series “Heels”, and that he wanted an opponent that he knew could deliver in the ring.

The fans gave Brady Pierce a warm welcome for his Wildkat debut, and the match was on. From the start we saw the slightly larger Brady Pierce pit his strength against the amateur skill of PJ Hawx. Pierce synced in a side headlock and worked the hold to great effectiveness until PJ broke out with a leapfrog and a dropkick. Pierce responded with a powerslam and kept on the pressure with a hangtime suplex. 

Still not out of the fight, PJ Hawx drove his shoulder into the gut of Brady and a diving crossbody got Hawx a 2 count. Looking for a big impact, PJ Hawx missed a diving moonsault, and Pierce missed a Lionsault while looking to return the gesture. Hawx fired off a lightning-quick series of knees and a leg lariat. Pierce, in turn, got a near fall off of a spinebuster then hoisted Hawx up into a fireman’s carry. PJ escaped and shot Brady across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. Before Hawx could capitalize, The Revolt hit the ring and began attacking PJ. 

As the official called for the bell, Pierce rose to his feet and began helping PJ fight off his attackers. Then PJ’s father and tag team partner Luke Hawx shot into the ring to help the two opponents chase off Caleby Konley and Zane Riley. Caleb Konley grabbed a mic and complained to the fans that what had happened in their previous match was, “... a fluke.” Riley then added that The Revolt didn’t care when it was, they wanted a shot at The Hawx Aerie and the Wildkat Tag Team Titles on a future card. Pierce then challenged Konley and Riley to a fight right there which The Revolt declined as the audience reined down boos.

This was a solid contest from start to finish. Both combatants broke out some spectacular moves while also displaying their expert grasp on the fundamentals. It was fast-paced and exciting, but the two managed to slow it down in all the right places.

‘The Southern Stomper’ Luke Hawx def. Jared Wayne w/Hardbody Harper via pinfall

This match started with both strong men trying to outmuscle each other. Jared Wayne found an opening first, and began wearing away at Luke Hawx’s constitution with a steady and even pace. Wane quickly resorted to underhanded tactics to keep the edge, choking Luke on the middle rope, then distracting the referee as Hardbody Harper continued choking ‘The Southern Stomper’. 

Sensing an opportunity, Hawx launched both of his knees into the chest of Jared Wayne. After a near fall Luke Hawx picked up Jared as if he was going to deliver a Razor’s Edge, then flipped Wayne over in order to drape his midsection across the top rope. Jared ducked a spinning heel kick from Luke then drove Hawx into the mat with a German suplex for a 2 count. 

Both men battled their way to the top rope. Luke got the better of Jared Wayne in their precarious exchange, and muscled Wayne onto his shoulder for an avalanche powerslam from the top rope! 3 seconds later and Luke’s hand was raised in victory by the official.

Edge Stone(c) w/ Hardbody Harper def. ‘The Baton Rouge Bullet’ Jace Valor for the Wildkat Revolution Championship

This contest was a rematch from June when Edge Stone defeated Jace Valor for the Revolution Championship at a wrestling card that took place in Texas. Before the match started Hardbody Harper claimed that he spoke with both Texas governor Greb Abbott and Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards in order to declare that day a state holiday.

At the sound of the bell Valor sprung into action with leg kicks to the massive Edge Stone. Jace darted around the ring, using his speed and agility to keep the gargantuan champion off balance. Stone was barely phased by all of Jace Valor’s attacks, but they still kept Edge from mounting an offense against the challenger.

Both spilled out of the ring for a beat before the two returned between the ropes where Stone planted Valor with a belly-to-back suplex that I felt all the way up in the stands. Here Edge Stone slowed things down. His steady pace made the contest resemble a cat toying with a doomed mouse as Edge tossed Jace to and fro across the ring.

Jace Valor caught Stone in a guillotine choke, and began syphoning off the air supply of the 6’4” Edge Stone. As Stone’s posture slumped and his eyes closed the referee checked the hand of the suffocating Edge. Just before the official could call the match in Jace Valor’s favor, Edge Stone exploded into action muscling Valor up into a vertical suplex that left both contenders prone. 

Edge Stone sent Valor to the outside, but pulled Jace back up onto the apron where he slung Valor back into the ring with a deadlift suplex from the middle rope! Back at his feet Jace let loose a series of high kicks and a diving forearm smash, but Hardbody Harper tripped Valor while the referee was distracted. This set up Edge to deliver the Stone’s Throw to Jace Valor and grab the 3 count.

This was a great match to lead us into the second half of the show. Valor used his speed and agility to wow the crowd, and Stone’s displays of strength and athleticism always get a great reaction from the crowd.

‘The Outlaw’ Matt Lancie w/Hardbody Harper def. ‘The Situ-Asian’ Bu Ku Dao via pinfall

With both the Covid outbreak and a knee injury keeping him out of the ring, Matt Lancie hadn’t seen action since late 2019. The Wildkat fans’ anticipation to see Lancie clash with fan favorite Bu Ku Dao was palpable. 

The two combatants came in hot. Lancie caught Dao coming off the top rope with a spinebuster. Bu Ku put his knees to the midsection of Matt Lancie, as Lancie tried to follow up with a slingshot body splash. Bu Ku Dao caught Lancie off balance with a crucifix pin attempt, but only came up with a 2 count.

Lancie dumped Bu Ku out of the ring then distracted the referee while Hardbody Harper put the boots to the downed Bu Ku Dao. Matt Lancie rolled out to continue the beat down, but Dao misdirected ‘The Outlaw’ into colliding with the ring post. 

Back inside Bu Ku Dao reversed a suplex attempt with a DDT. Dao followed through with a series of speedy kicks and a bulldog before applying the General Tso-mission (crossface). Lancie escaped the submission hold via a rope break. A double underhook powerbomb from Lancie netted ‘The Outlaw’ a 2 count. Dao mounted a comeback. ‘The Situ-Asian’ tried to put a nail in Lancie’s coffin as he launched himself from the middle rope, but Lancie caught Dao in midair with a spear. With Dao staring up at the lights, Lancie made the cover and picked up the 3 count.

Smart move by Wildkat Sports pitting two of their veteran roster members against one another for their first show back. The fans and promotion knew they could depend on Bu Ku Dao and Matt Lancie to deliver a hell of a match, and they did not disappoint.

‘Ruthless’ Ryan Davidson(c) def. Gregory Sharpe for the Wildkat Heavyweight Championship

I had been looking forward to seeing the Wildkat champ up against the newly transformed Gergory Sharpe (formerly ‘Hyperstreak’ Greg Sharpe) since this match was announced.

At the sound of the bell, Sharpe tried to out quick the much larger Ryan Davidson, but the champion managed to pancake Gregory Sharpe with a thunderous shoulder block. Davidson commenced brutalizing the challenger for a beat. When Ryan tried to suplex Gergory Sharpe to the floor, Sharpe escaped and delivered a springboard enziguri sending the match to the floor outside.

The contender’s battled it out on the floor before returning to the ring where Sharpe landed a diving guillotine leg drop to the back of Davidson’s neck. Ryan responded with a gourdbuster. Davidson then shrugged off a series of chops from Gregory before delivering a deafening chop of his own. The combatants traded forearms until Gregory Sharpe went for a side headlock takedown which Ryan Davidson countered with an hellacious wheelbarrow slam. 


Davidson called for a powerbomb, but Sharpe escaped by jamming a thumb into the eye of the champion. The two collided at full force as Gregory Sharpe attempted a dive from the top rope. 

Ryan Davidson laid waste to Sharpe with a powerslam, but missed a diving moonsault attempt (a sight to behold from the big man). Gregory tried to capitalize with an Acid Drop, but slipped as he ran up the ropes. Attempting to salvage his offensive Sharpe went for a DDT, but Davidson reversed with a vertical suplex. With the challenger laid out, Ryan Davidson went to the top rope and came crashing down with a twisting body splash. The winded Gregory Sharpe could only lay prone as Davidson made the cover for the 1-2-3.

A great main event match showcasing the full strength and skill of Wildkat’s longest reigning heavyweight champion against the intrigue of a remade and redefined Gregory Sharpe. The match got plenty of time in a contest that moved along at a nice even pace without ever dragging. 

While the future of live events this year is still in question, I’m glad we got to see this one and the Wildkat fans went home happy. This card proved that in these crazy times independent wrestling is still alive and well, and that Wildkat Sports and Entertainment is as strong as ever. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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