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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-03 10:00:00

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With AEW debuting their Rampage show at The United Center in Chicago are they basically telling everyone CM Punk is debuting there? If he doesn’t will that hurt the AEW? Wouldn’t it make more sense to debut him on Dynamite after he shows up at the PPV and get a big buzz and a huge rating?

In order, yes it sure does tell everyone he is debuting and as long as he is, it’s a smart move.  If he doesn’t, it will sting them in Chicago, no doubt.  To me, it makes perfect sense to debut him in Chicago and then have him work a match at the PPV.  That should help sell buys and that will make them more money.

Is Jericho trying to be Terry Funk?

I made that same comparison last week.  Jericho is to AEW what Funk was to ECW.  He is a name that brings them legitimacy and he is doing crazy things a guy north of 50 years old shouldn’t be doing.  I don’t like him slicing himself up and taking the chair shots but if he wants to do it, God bless him.

I saw this on your site’s article on the WWE conference call: “Vince was asked about AEW investing in talents and seeing a raise in their ratings.   Vince said Ted Turner was a different situation and they came after them.  He said he doesn't consider AEW competition the way he considered WCW competition back in the.  Vince said he didn't know about their talent investments but, ‘perhaps we can give them some more’.”  Then, he gave them Bray Wyatt!  Does Vince not understand the landscape of today’s wrestling business?

I did a hotline on this subject last Friday.  I don’t know what he is thinking.  If he doesn’t see a show that has sustained more than a million viewers three weeks in a row and is owned by a multi-billionaire as a threat, I don’t know what he is looking at.  I hope AEW shows him exactly what a threat they are.  It would be the best thing for the wrestling business.

Why does Britt Baker still do heel promos when the fans love her?

I wonder that myself.  She beat Nyla Rose last week and talked about how she did it with a broken hand.  That makes her a bad ass and the fans cheered.  Then, she heeled them.  I don’t get it.  She doesn’t have to go around kissing babies, and she shouldn’t.  But she should transition into being a bad ass, Steve Austin style of babyface.  If they fans legitimately love her, let them love her.

AEW fans have been on fire since they were allowed to return.  I think they have been way more into the product than WWE fans.  What do you think?

I agree 100 percent with you and because they are so live, they make the shows better.  Fans add so much.  Hopefully WWE will start giving their fans more of what they get excited for as well.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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