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By Mike Johnson on 2021-07-31 21:50:00

Welcome to's ongoing coverage of Impact Wrestling's Homecoming 2021 PPV coverage!

Tonight's show is streaming on Impact+ and FITE.TV.  

D'Lo Brown and Matt Striker are on the call.

Impact Homecoming King & Queen Tournament: Hernandez & Alisha Edwards (with Johnny Swinger) vs. Deonna Purrazzo & ?

Purrazzo’s partner is the former Aiden English, the Draama King Matt.  He cuts a promo and says he is here to create a new masterpiece by standing alongside Purrazzo when they are crowned King and Queen.  He’s using his full, real name, Matthew Rehwoldt.

Edwards and Purrazzo battle back and forth.   Rehwoldt backed off when faced with Hernandez until Purrazzo kicks him.  Rehwoldt attacked him but is caught.  Hernandez held him in a delayed vertical suplex.  

Purrazzo worked over Alisha and choked her against the ropes.  They nailed stereo clotheslines.  Hernandez tags in and nailed a senton splash.  He drilled Rehwoldt with a shoulderbreaker after teasing a Border Toss but Purrazzo broke up the pinfall attempt.

Hernandez hit a big dive to the outside on Rahwoldt.  Purrazzo joined the fray.  Edwards nailed a dive on everyone from the top.  In the end, Rehwoldt drilled Hernandez with a Cactus Jack style double underhook and scored the pin.

Your winners, advancing, Matthew Rehwoldt & Deonna Purrazzo!

This was a solid opener.  Rehwoldt looked really inspired in the ring.  Hernandez has always been supremely underrated and they had a nice chemistry.  Purrazzo and Edwards were good.

Impact Homecoming King & Queen Tournament: Chelsea Green & Matt Cardona vs. Jordynne Grace & Petey Williams.

Green is working with a broken wrist, which doesn't seem like a smart strategy.

Williams and Cardona start off.   Cardona uses his power to keep Williams from building any momentum.  Grace tagged in and hit a bodyslam on Cardona.  She and Williams double-teamed Cardona.  Green hit the ring and kicked Grace but was caught with a back elbow.

Green and Cardona are worked over and hit with stereo elbows.    Cardona and Williams went to the floor, where Cardona nailed a neckbreaker.  Back in the ring, Williams cut him off and nailed a tornado DDT.

Grace got the hot tag and worked over Green, scoring with a Metero in the buckles.  She went for a Vader Bomb off the ropes but missed.  Cardona hit the ring but was clobbered by a Grace clothesline.    Williams and Grace nailed a double suplex on Cardona.  

Williams gets nailed with a missile dropkick.  Grace and Green tag in.  Green drills her with a curb stomp, but Petey went to nail her with a Canadian Destroyer but Cardona broke it up.   Cardona nail his opponents with Facewashes.  Grace and Williams regain control and cinch in Steiner Recliners.  Cardona powers out.  Grace lets her submission go to attack Cardona.  Petey nailed Cardona with a dive and they crash to the floor.  Green and Grace go back and forth.  Green scores with the Tomakaze and pinned Grace.

Your winners, Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green!

This was fun.

Steve Maclin attacked Williams and beat him down after the match.

W. Morrisey cut a promo promising to take out Eddie Edwards tonight.

Impact Homecoming King & Queen Tournament: Tommy Dreamer & Rachael Ellering vs. Brian Myers & a mystery partner with Sam Beale.

Myers' partner is Missy Hyatt.

Myers and Dreamer battle back and forth.  Ellering cut off Myers with a drop toehold.  She and Dreamer double-team Myers.  Missy doesn't want to face Ellering and tagged out.  Myers nailed a DDT for a two count after Beale lowblowed Dreamer.  Ellering wiped out Sam Beale.  Myers goes for the Roster Cut but Dreamer blocked it and nailed a Spicoli Driver.  Missy Hyatt teases tagging in, then walked out on Myers.  Ellering and Dreamer hit a Doomsday Device on Myers and scored the pin.  Nice tribute to the Road Warriors.

Your winners, Tommy Dreamer & Rachael Ellering!

Violent by Design have another great promo, talking about failure and how they will wipe it out.  

Impact Homecoming King & Queen Tournament: Decay vs. Tasha Steelz & Fallah Bahh.

Crazy Steve and Fallah Bahh battled back and forth.  Steelz and Rosemary tagged in and exchange strikes.  Rosemary drills her with a sideslam.  She faces off with Bahh.  Steelz drills her with a kick, knocking Rosemary from the apron to the floor.   They double-team Rosemary but weren’t able to score the pinfall.  Rosemary raked Bahh’s eyes and tagged out to Steve.  He nailed a dropkick and worked over Bahh, who made a comeback.  Bahh drilled him with a sit-down splash but Rosemary broke it up.  Steelz returned to the ring and they battled.    They battled back and forth.  Rosemary nailed a suplex for a two count.  Rosemary came back with the upside down armbar.  Bahh went to attack but accidentally drilled Steelz.  Steve caught Bahh with a DDT and scored the pin.

Your winners, Decay!

Steve Maclin cut a promo saying he's aiming for the X-Division title and Petey Williams is in his way.

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