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By Mike Johnson on 2021-07-20 10:44:00

One of the most discussed topics in recent weeks has been the future of Daniel Bryan after he disappeared from WWE programming following a loss to Roman Reigns.

Internally, there has been no discussion of Bryan returning to WWE and he is not listed on the company's roster.  There have been some in the company who have taken that to mean that Bryan is signing or will sign eventually with AEW, but has no confirmation that is correct.  Obviously, if it was, AEW would move heaven and earth to hide that fact.

What can confirm, however, is the following:

*Bryan was not part of a recent list of talent plans for licensing and merchandising for 2021-2022 that was recently put together by the company for internal use.

*Bryan is not slated for any future Mattel action figure wave releases.

So, as of now, there has been no known movement towards Bryan's WWE return or his inclusion in any of the company's merchandising end.  Whether that is a true sign of Bryan Danielson landing elsewhere remains to be seen.

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