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By Mike Johnson on 2021-07-11 11:25:00

The WWE Network has removed today's scheduled broadcast of Broken Skull Sessions with WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin interviewing Kevin Nash.  The premiere was initially scheduled for today as part of "NWO Week" programming, playing off the 25th anniversary of Nash, Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan forming the NWO at the 1996 WCW Bash at the Beach PPV. is told the show was removed internally yesterday from the Network's schedule. reached out to WWE for clarification yesterday but as of this morning, have not heard back.

WWE removed last week's WWE Icons: Lex Luger premiere, with sources citing that they had chosen to wait for a better timed lead-in for the Luger documentary.

As reported previously, WWE has paused all documentary work and scheduled premieres.

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