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By Paul Cormier on 2021-07-11 10:45:00

The previous report mentioned that Ashley Vox beat Willow Nightingale. It was the other way around.  Willow had a GREAT debut and was instantly over with the crowd. I could absolutely see her as being a part of MLW’s new women’s division.

Cesar Duran formally announced an agreement between MLW and Azteca Underground.  He will be MLW’s “matchmaker” going forward.  That all led to a huge angle where Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed came out to demand a tag title shot, only to be interrupted by Konnan, Julius Smokes, Danny Limelight and Slice Boogie - the new LAX.  Smokes was in rare form and hasn’t lost a step.

Aramis and Arez tore the house down in what some might consider the match of the night. Insane Lucha.

Savio Vega pulled double duty in the Battle Riot - working both as himself and dusting off the Kwang gimmick - complete with blowing blue mist in Meanie’s face and blasting everyone with his trusty nunchucks.

Tom Lawlor also pulled double duty in the Riot.  After getting eliminated he came back dressed as LA Park - big swerve that fooled a lot of fans.  That’s on top of fighting Hammerstone earlier in the night and working ringside for the Bunkhouse Brawl that started the main show.  Busy night for him. What a stud!

MLW returns to the 2300 Arena on Saturday, October 2 for Fightland. Tickets are on sale now.

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