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By Kendall Jenkins on 2021-07-10 15:01:00

The world of sports and the world of video games have so much in common. They are both attractive to huge amounts of young people and are some of the best ways to have fun and relax with your friends.

It is only natural that these two worlds had to meet each other, in a big way, and produce some of the most popular and exciting video games ever. Many different sports are represented in video games, but let's take a look at some of the most popular options.


As Soccer is probably the most popular sport in the world, it is no wonder that it is also one of the most used sports for video games. And the absolute ruler of soccer video games is the EA Sports franchise FIFA.

This video game series was started in 1993 and has so far sold more than 325 million copies, which earned it a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the best-selling sports video game franchise. The FIFA series continuously grows and changes, adding titles, and innovative features to every new title under the FIFA brand.

Every new addition is a challenge for EA as they have to live up to expectations built on previous successes. For example, FIFA 16 has 28.3 million players, FIFA 18, 32.5 million, and growing. FIFA 15 was groundbreaking for the series, as it determined the look and the feel of the game for the next few years. It also added more licensed teams and better gameplay.

With FIFA 15 EA received full licensing for the Premier League for the first time, which meant the company was able to recreate all the League's iconic stadiums and bring the game even more to life.


Let's cover a few of the most prominent basketball video games.

NBA Jam is an excellent game by EA Sports. This is a classical arcade basketball game that ruled the 1990s. The game is known for its relaxed rules, and in multiplayer mode, you can play it both online and locally. The mobile version of the game is probably the best basketball mobile game.

Out of the NBA Live series, probably the best game is NBA Live 2005. Its gameplay allows for a lot of creativity, and the game features the addition of the NBA All-Star Weekend. The NBA Live Mobile is also an excellent version of the game. In it, you construct a team and then play it against other players. The graphics are very good, and the controls are simple – which is what you want from a mobile game.

By playing NBA Street Volume 2 from 2003 you will probably have the most fun possible that you can have by playing an NBA game. It's an extremely fun arcade game that can be played in many different modes. One mode, called “Be a Legend”, offers you the opportunity to create a basketball player from scratch and lead him from humble beginnings to stardom.


Boxing-themed video games are some of the most fun sports video games around.

Probably the best one is another EA Sports title: Fight Night Round 4. The game features very fluid motions and great graphics. You can choose a boxer from a huge list of real-life legendary boxers, or, similarly to the mode in NBA Street Volume 2 that we already described, you can try and make a star out of your fighter.

Another great boxing game is Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, a cult classic initially published in 1987. This game was groundbreaking for boxing and sports video games in general. And to this day, there are still communities that celebrate it and even organize tournaments.

But boxing has a much wider influence when it comes to all kinds of games. It is not reserved only for standard video gaming, but it can also be found in online casinos as well. For example, there is a huge number of slot games that are inspired by boxing. If you want to find them, or other sports-related slot games, you can search for them here.

In this article, we only scratched the surface. There are tons more Soccer, Basketball, and Boxing themed games out there. Not only that, there are many games dedicated to practically all sports: skiing, fencing, football, golf, baseball, fishing, skateboarding, tennis, and table tennis, snowboarding, wrestling, hockey, and so on.

As we said, there is nothing more natural than the worlds of sports and video games coming together and producing some of the most popular video games ever. It seems that with constant advances in technology, innovation, and creativity, the games become better and better every year. But it is also evident that some classic games are still being played on a huge scale - even if they were released years, or sometimes even decades ago.

This only shows us that true creativity and the fun games can produce are not always tied only to the newest technology. After all, you don't need a lot of techs for sports.


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