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By Kendall Jenkins on 2021-07-01 06:08:00

When deciding on an energy supplier to go with, the level of customer satisfaction that they deliver is of major importance. A business should do all that they can to avoid one with a bad reputation. After all, they do not want to be spending time sorting out an issue with their energy supply or a bill, when they should really be focusing on running their business.

To help businesses avoid taking out contracts with any energy supplier that is not at the top of their game, we have put together a list of some of the very worst ones in the country. The list is based on a number of different factors, including value for money, handling complaints, customer service, bill clarity, and bill accuracy.

Scottish Power

When it comes to value for money, Scottish Power does not do very well, although it does quite well with the accuracy of the bills that it produces and sends to its customers. They regularly receive the most complaints out of any other of the energy suppliers on this list. A member of the big six with more than 5 million customers, the energy supplier is obviously doing something right somewhere. 

Scottish and Southern Electricity (SSE)

Despite the fact that the bills from SSE are always accurate, the supplier is let down by it not being very good value for money. Despite this fact, it is still one of the biggest players in the United Kingdom energy market.

N Power

According to its customers, N Power does not deliver very good value of money. The energy supplier is equally poor at providing clear and accurate bills for its customers and does not handle complaints in a good way. It too is a member of the big six energy companies in the United Kingdom and has in the region of 3.6 million customers.

EDF Energy

A member of the big six, this French state owned energy provider regularly receives poor scores for its customer service. However, despite of its poor reputation, the supplier still has some 5.7 million spread throughout the United Kingdom, so it must be doing something right.


This energy supplier does not rank well with its customers for overall satisfaction, bill clarity, or customer service. However, despite these facts, EON is one of the big six energy providers and has somewhere in the region of 3.8 million users, so these issues must only be affecting a small proportion of their customers.

If you have had a particularly bad experience with any of these energy suppliers, or even with another one, then head over to the Utility Bidder website where you are able to get information about how to make a complaint about their service, their conduct, or both. There is also information about contacting the Energy Ombudsman - they independently handle complaints.

In comparison, some of the best energy providers in the United Kingdom include Avro Energy, Octopus Energy, Outfox the Market, Pure Planet, and People’s Energy.

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