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By Mike Johnson on 2021-06-16 20:38:00

Major League Wrestling has opted out of their deal with DAZN and are also in the process of removing their content from YouTube.   It appears the company has struck a new deal for a home for their content.  They had been, as we have reported previously, in discussion with Discovery in recent months.  Court Bauer responded to the disappearance of the YouTube content:

MLW will be in Los Angeles next week filming Azteca Underground-related content.

The promotion will start announcing bouts for the 7/10 Battle Riot event in Philadelphia shortly.

The current plan is that the 9/11 Dallas, Texas TV taping will kick off "Season Four" for MLW Fusion.

MLW has set their schedule for the remainder of the year, including dates yet to be announced.

This week's MLW Underground is now streaming:


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