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By Mike Johnson on 2021-06-14 10:12:00

Former WWE NXT, Ring of Honor and TNA Champion Samoa Joe is back with World Wrestling Entertainment after being released this past April by the company.  Joe will be working exclusively for the WWE NXT brand. is told that Triple H "snatched him back" as soon as possible.    One source told that the second a decision by others to "let Joe back on the board", Triple H was not happy and wanted him back in NXT as opposed to being elsewhere outside of WWE's auspices.   Triple H was the point person responsible who initially brought Joe to WWE in 2015 for NXT and at one point, had even given him a pretty unique deal where he was able to continue working independent dates, although that later evolved into a more traditional deal.  

Joe has been seen at the WWE Performance Center at least once in recent weeks.   He was not backstage at last night's Takeover.

Joe last wrestled in February 2020 after being pulled from the ring due to concussion issues.   Joe was not taking bumps when recently seen at the PC.

The belief is that while he could wrestle at some point, that is not the goal here and Joe will instead focus more on non-wrestling duties.  With the tease that there needs to be a "change" declared by William Regal, it may be that Joe ends up in the General Manager role or in the role of that as an enforcer for Regal. 

So, stay tuned but if you were hoping to see Samoa Joe land elsewhere, that's not happening.

Note: The first rumors of Samoa Joe returning to WWE were reported by

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