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By Shannon Walsh on 2021-06-13 01:41:00

WWE Hall of Fame and one of the most important figures in professional wrestling history, Antonio Inoki is currently hospitalized after having emergency surgery due to volvulus, a twisting of the intestines, a few weeks ago. The 78-year old legend has been in the hospital for most of 2021 because his lower back has deteriorated. He also suffers from diabetes and amyloidosis. 

Inoki lost a lot of weight due to his numerous health issues. Visitors are limited because of the virus pandemic and his frail condition makes him high risk for other potential illnesses. He is in stable condition and fully able to communicate. He was occasionally giving video messages online and for special pro wrestling events in Japan this year because he wasn’t able to attend in person because of his poor health.

Everyone at wishes Inoki nothing but the best.

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