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By Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson & Richard Trionfo on 2021-06-12 13:11:00

WWE will present NXT Takeover: In Your House on Sunday night, live in the US on Peacock.  Here is our take on what should happen:

Karrion Kross defends his NXT Title in a Fatal Five Way match against Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reily, Johnny Gargano and Pete Dunne.

Dave: First, let me say that this is the first Takeover that I can ever remember that feels like it's being done because it's time for a show instead of being built to where I couldn't wait to see it.  I am sure the matches will all be strong but this show feels like it's happening because it has to, not because the builds have called for it.  It seems like it's a byproduct from the move to USA.  The show has become more "WWE-ized" since then and this is another are that has been the case.  With that said, I hate the champ defending in these kinds of matches.  I like that Kross asked for it, but still, if the Title changes it's due to extenuating circumstances.  So if it's me, I have Cole lay someone out for the pin and then Kross comes in and takes it from him.  Cole vs. Kross is where the money is so let's head that way.  I could just as easily see them backdooring the Title to Cole and having Kross chase for what he didn't lose.  But if so, we have seen that angle before, very recently.

Mike:  There are a lot of great talents here but this types of matches often fall into the "too many cooks spoil the brew" area for me.  Unless WWE is rushing him to the main roster, Kross needs to win.  Period.  There is zero reason to take the belt off him.  As to who takes the fall, I'd do with Pete Dunne.  I don't think it would hurt him at all, given the level of tenacity and credibility he has.

Richard:  The only thing I would guarantee about this match is that Gargano is the one who takes the fall since a loss in this match doesn't hurt him.  Kross should retain even if he was the one who put himself in this no win scenario, but we know that there is a way to pass the Kobayashi Maru by manipulating the program (I am talking about the Wrath of Khan way, not the stupid way in the lensflared reboot) and Karrion Kirk will do just that.  I can see Austin Theory, as the trusty son (and Kelly Bundy of the Way) getting involved to help 'dad' win but it will backfire miserably when Dexter Lumis gets involved (to further the Indi says the wrong thing at the wrong time to make Dexter think she doesn't love him when she really does angle).  They have gone too far down the rabbit hole at this time with Kyle O'Reilly to justify him winning the title.  Pete Dunne would be a great choice, but he will spend too much time trying to figure out how to hyper-extend all eight hands of his opponents at the same time to cost him the match, and the 'McAttack' has lost a lot of steam since their leader has moved on to Smackdown to jump around and repeat everything that was said moments earlier by everyone else.  Adam Cole just jumped back onto television and I don't see them just giving him the title.  Cole versus Kross will probably be the next title feud.

Raquel Gonzalez defends her NXT Title against Ember Moon

Dave: I am very happy that Ember has made it all the way back from injury and looks great again.  With that said, it's WAY too early in Gonzalez's reign to take the Title off of her and Ember just doesn't seem to be the person to do it with anyway.

Mike: Ember Moon is awesome and I hope she's given the chance to showcase that here but the only way Gonzalez should drop this title is when she's heading to another brand.  I don't see that as happening anytime soon.  My guess is we see Ember fight to the bitter end but finally get pinned.  They should be able to tell a hell of a story with Moon fighting to overcome Raquel's dominance.  I am really looking forward to this one.

Richard:  Since Moon stood tall during their NXT segment this week, that should mean that Gonzalez retains the title.  This seems like it was a forced storyline and it is just a way to give Gonzalez a good opponent while establishing her title reign.  With Io's return, is she next to try to get her title back?  Does Dakota try to convince/finagle her way into a match to convince Raquel to give her a match for being such a good friend (and then lead to the split of the pairing).

Bronson Reed & MSK vs Legado del Fantasma

Dave: This came totally out of nowhere.  There's nothing in it for the faces and everything in it for the heels.  If it were me, I would have the heels win so they could hold it over the babyfaces' heads how stupid they were to agree to this, but I expect that the champs will retain.

Mike: I am not a fan of the stip here.  I predict the babyfaces retain and this will be a big car crash spectacle.

Richard:  Reed just won the title so it wouldn't make sense to take the belt off him after hearing his story to get to the title.  MSK are an entertaining team and there are so many more heel teams for them to face than to have face teams to challenge Wilde and Mendoza. They talked so much about Escobar raising the level of the Cruiserweight Title and WHERE IS IT ON THIS CARD?  I like the idea of the match, but if Legado wins the titles, what is next for MSK and Reed?  Do you have MSK take the loss so Reed gets pissed off and faces them in a handicap match (if this was Raw or Smackdown, I would say this is a given, and I would put it at 50/50 now for NXT).  Let the champs retain and then see what is next for Legado (does Escobar blame Wilde or Mendoza for the loss to cause tension or do they just move on to their next challenge?)

LA Knight vs Cameron Grimes, the winner gets the Million Dollar Belt.

Dave: I would love to see Grimes and his antics with the Title but I think Knight needs it more.  He could use something to put some oomph in his act and Grimes doesn't need that at all.

Mike: They tossed the stips at us fast and furious this past week but to me, the story here is whether Knight can be made a star here.  He's got the gift of gab and the look, but he hasn't had the chance to truly break out in the ring here.  If he can't do it with a ladder and Grimes (who is great), I don't know what the answer would be.  To me, DiBiase screwing Grimes is the finish here given how much Ted has messed with Cameron over the last few weeks.  

Richard:  Even though this match could be called "Who Wants to be a Million(Dollar Champion)aire" I am going old school with "Let's Make a Deal".  You have Door Number 1 (LA Knight) or Door Number Two (Cameron Grimes), but I am going with what is inside the box.  Ted DiBiase is sick and tired of all of the pandering by Grimes and Knight leading into this match and even during the match, so as both Knight and Grimes are on the ladder about to grab the belt, Ted gets up and that means we see the true Million Dollar Champion emerge to know both men off the ladder and claim the title . . . Roderick Strong.  After the match (or on Tuesday) we hear from DiBiase talking about how he wanted a Million Dollar Champion to be someone who reminded DiBiase of himself when he was a wrestler and that wasn't Cameron Grimes or LA Knight, it is a no nonsense wrestler who did what he had to do to win.  That man is Roderick Strong.  As Dave said, Grimes doesn't need this title (and they are taking Grimes to places in this story that take away from the greatness of the character) and LA Knight has been Ascensioned, but with a promo to use and a CarShield commercial to rely on.

Xia Li vs Mercedes Martinez

Dave: Xia has to win here or what has the transformation been all about?  I expect some outside voodoo to play a role.

Mike: I am with Dave here.  The entire point has been to build up Xia Li as a killer.  Martinez is great but in this case, her credibility can be used to make Li a bigger name.

Richard:  This is the match that I am looking forward to the most because it is the type of match that Takeovers were made for.  You have a talent on the rise in Xia Li who gets to face a top veteran with a chance to move up to the next level with a solid in ring performance regardless of the result, but a victory would mean a lot more.  If Li does not win, what was the purpose of the Tian Sha faction in the first place? 

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