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By Mike Johnson on 2021-06-11 13:44:00 has confirmed that all of the National Wrestling Alliance's August PPV and TV tapings will be emanating from the Chase Ballroom in St. Louis, the original origination site of the classic Wrestling at the Chase series that was produced by the late Sam Muchnick, who was one of the most important figures in the NWA, especially during his run as NWA President.  That series ran in different forms from 1959 through 1983, creating an environment where that city was the most important market in the world in the eyes of fans and talents alike.

As previously noted, the 8/28 NWA All Power PPV will be the first-ever all women's show produced by the company.  The promotion is very proud that Mickie James will be legitimately producing and overseeing all aspects of that event, as it will be the first time a PPV of this nature will have been produced with a woman in the captain's chair.  While certainly James wrestling for the company is not out of the question, for this show, we are told the current plan is for her to have an executive role behind the scenes and her voice will be the one commanding great power in terms of creating and producing the show.  I wouldn't be shocked to hear if James worked as a Producer for the company as well in general, but that's mostly speculation on my part.

We noted over the weekend that Homicide and Pat Kenney were working as Producers for the NWA PPV and TV tapings.  That is and isn't correct.  Homicide worked the tapings as a Producer as did Shawn Daivari and Jazz, who were brought in for the first time in that role for the company.

Kenney's role, however, is that of an Executive Producer and as head of Talent Relations, working with talents and overseeing the process.  We are told that one tenant of the NWA currently is that they don't wish to over-produce talents and want to give them a chance to stand on their own feet and have the ability to grow as performers, so they can trust their own instincts as opposed to being told what to do and say in every moment in front of the cameras.  The idea is to have things produced in more of an old school way.

NWA Champion Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch will be rematching their When Our Shadows Fall PPV main event on Saturday 7/24 in Charlotte, NC as part of T-Mart Promotions' The Gathering II at the University Hilton Ballroom.  They will also be signing and taking photos with fans over the course of the weekend.


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