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By Mike Johnson on 2021-06-11 11:05:00

Last night, Braun Strowman took to Twitter, taking umbrage with our report that he was asking for "five figures" to make independent appearances.  Strowman went as far as to claim he had not spoken to any independent promoters but pointed anyone who wanted to do business to his manager, writing, "Let me just get this FYI out. I have not spoken to anyone about bookings. But if you wanna talk business the email to my agent is in my bio. Thank for any confusion you may be reading online."

There is no confusion. stands by its reporting from earlier this week.  Strowman's manager Nick Antocelli has quoted "20-25K" for a three hour appearance to multiple promoters that have reached out with their interest in Strowman appearing for them.  Antocelli is also asking for first class airfare, two nights of hotel plus all meals and ground transportation covered.

Our initial reporting of "Braun Strowman" would have obviously covered anyone who was representing him and we stand by our report.  If he's claiming that he didn't speak to "anyone", he may not have personally, but his representation is certainly speaking for him.

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