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By Kendall Jenkins on 2021-06-08 17:45:00

Do you love football enough to start making money on it? This is a common question which probably every fan of football asks himself. But speaking seriously is that possible and if so - how to turn it into reality?

There are several common steps before monetization of your hobby:

  • Finding reliable bet online service;

  • To up an account and choose strategy to win;

  • Make a bet!

How to choose online service: Bet Parimatch

The most important part before actually making some predictions is choosing a reliable sports betting platform. There are dozens of them on the market but it’s essential to work with officials, as it is safer and more convincing.

Pari Match is an official bet online platform with a proven base of customers and the best quality app, the website is available under the link: Also besides the authority of the platform it is vital to check the usability of the website, the ease of making transactions, availability of technical support, existence the real user’s feedback. It’s always better to spend some time in advance and do some research first as choosing the platform is the main step before playing. This should be taken into account everywhere, would it be sports betting Canada or the USA, basics are the same.

Upping an account, choosing best strategy to win

In order to make a bet, it needed to up an account and there are several ways to do that:

  • Upping through online banking account visa, MasterCard;

  • Upping via online wallets such as web money, Neteller, skrill;

  • Upping with credit or debit cards, in the head of the website it is possible to replenish an account just by filling in the card number and following the upcoming instructions.

The important part of doing bets and doing it right is choosing the best strategy which will minimize the risks and maximize possible earnings. What are the most popular and reliable strategies for the example of football?

Making a bet on a draw. Usually, the coefficient in the draw is equal to 3.5 or more, which means that in the long run each third game won, will be profitable. A draw could be predicted in several scenarios. For example, according to the competition net, it is easier for both teams to play a draw, there is no superior team in a game, teams often play to a draw during the season.

Making a bet on yellow or red cards. The coefficient, in this case, is 1.75-2.20, but there are clear markers on how to predict whether a game would be intense or not. The game is essential for both teams or according to statistics the arbitrator is strict to players - in these cases most likely the arbitrator will give several yellow cards to players.

Making a bet on goals. In this case, the common coefficient is about 2.5, and as well as in previous examples, there are visible markers for making predictions. Both teams are strikers, a game is essential for both, they already scored more than (x) number of goals during the season.

Use several strategies and choose what fits best. Also on Parimatch betting Canada you can check out what strategies work before making real bets by using a simulation model.

Making a bet

How to actually make a bet? Doing all prior steps described above the one thing which is left is authorizing on the platform, choosing the pair, and making a certain bet. Thanks to the usability of the website this is the easiest step as all navigation on the website is intuitive.

Pleasant bonus for everyone signed up for the first time

Sign bonus Parimatch betting Canada offer to everyone who registered on the platform is 100% of the deposit if the account has been replenished in the next 7 days after the registration.

h2 To sum up

Making bets on football as well as on other sports is not difficult. All needed is a registered and replenished account, several strategies to use, and a little bit of enthusiasm and passion for the sport. All that is available on Bet Parimatch.

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