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By Richard Trionfo on 2021-05-31 00:57:00

After the pay per view ended, the Inner Circle celebrated their victory in Stadium Stampede.

Chris Jericho got on the mic and he says he cannot stop smiling.  He follows by saying that he loves that the fans were chanting "AEW" because it was more than the Inner Circle or Pinnacle tonight who showcased their talents tonight.  He then asked Sammy Guevara how to say 'amazing' in Spanish and Guevara told Jericho "el Amazing".

Jericho said that he thought that Stadium Stampede was a rousing sccess for the second year in a row.  He thanked Jacksonville for hosting AEW for the last 14 months and then he said that the fans are evidence that we can have fun again.  Jericho commented on the fan reaction when he mentioned Jacksonville and asked if they were booing the city, but he was told that they were chanting 'DUVAL' and Jericho was not sure what that meant since he is Canadian.  (Duval is the county that Jacksonville is in).

Jericho then mentioned that he was worried because if the Inner Circle lost tonight, they would be done as a group, but he said that they weren't going down like that.  He thanked the members of the Inner Circle again and then he gave the mic to Sammy Guevara.

Sammy got on the mic and it took him a little while to say something but he thanked veryone for being here.  He then thanked the Inner Circle and mentioned that he left the group for a while, but he is back and the Inner Circle is never going nowhere.

Jericho took the mic back and thanked everyone for filling up the building and mentioned that it was a sell out.

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