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By Mike Johnson on 2021-05-28 14:22:00

There was a report earlier today from Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer about WWE reaching out to New Japan Pro Wrestling about a potential working agreement.  Since that report began making the rounds, we've heard from a number of readers asking whether there is anything to it.  We are told there is and there isn't. has been told today by sources from each company that there have been communications between the two sides for several months but the main crux of it was over the potential of Daniel Bryan being able to potentially work some dates in NJPW.  Whether anything has come from those discussions remain to be seen.  Is it possible the two sides could build a bridge to each other?  Sure, but if so, it's not happening right now and it's not something that has happened yet despite talking for some time off and on.

So, This is not a case where any sort of talks are about to lead to New Japan immediately pulling up stakes with their current working agreement or NJPW talents making some sort of shocking appearance on Raw.    AEW's Jon Moxley has possession of the IWGP United States title, plus Yuji Nagata worked for them several weeks ago plus Roppongi Vice just reunited in AEW.  Meanwhile, Satoshi Kojima just made his Impact Wrestling debut.  Don't expect anything in regard to those promotions' relationships with NJPW to change anytime soon, if at all.


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