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By Mike Johnson on 2021-05-25 17:10:00

As we have covered over the course of the day, there have been a lot of WWE departures today.  The Advanced Media Group had most of their top executives cut by the company.  Perhaps the departure that shocked everyone the most was Brian Pellegato, who everyone loved working with and was seen as a very progressive, forward thinking exec who added a lot to the AMG division.

With the departure of Adnan Virk, we've received a lot of questions about who could potentially take over as the lead announcer of Raw.  The obvious name is Tom Phillips, who did a great job in the role before being replaced last month after Wrestlemania 37 and still does other broadcasting work as well as works behind the scenes managing members of the announcing team.  He could easily step right now as if he never left.  However, we have been told that former UFC and American Ninja Warrior announcer Jimmy Smith, who joined the WWE announcing team at NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver last month, has been putting in a lot of work to prepare for future WWE broadcast assignments, so he could certainly be in consideration as well.  We are told that if a determination has been made for this Monday, it's being kept very close to the vest thus far.

Greg Hamilton commented on Virk's departure:

Eva Marie was seen at the WWE Performance Center today.

Paul Jordan sent the following...Sonya Deville, Shinsuke Nakamura  TikTok sensation “The Professor” Nick Harrison!, and Dominik & Rey Mysterio will all be guests on tomorrow's episode of The Bump.

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