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By Mike Johnson on 2021-05-24 23:33:00

There was yet again a lot of ripping up of the script of Raw all day before they went on the air, which led to quite a few rematches this week.   A lot of the first hour of the show wasn't set in stone until shortly (as in 35-45 minutes) before they went on the air tonight.  

Although she did not appear on camera, Alexa Bliss was backstage at Raw tonight.

There's a lot of excitement about going back on the road among the talents.  Some are hopeful for bumps from merchandise royalties from live events.  Others are being cautious in expectations on how the shows will draw and there is a lot of interest in how the initial shows sell when they go on sale Wednesday, especially Money in the Bank as it's a PPV show.

John Cone, who has replaced Mark Carrano as the number two in the talent relations department, has been getting high marks from talents we've spoken to and is well liked thus far into his tenure under John Laurinaitis.  Jason Jordan is also said to be excellent in his new responsibilities.  There have been some additions to the staff of that department with new non-wrestling personnel as well.

Since we will get questions about this every week, Keith Lee was not backstage tonight based on what we were told.  

Shayna Baszler's Cirque du Soliel line to Reginald on Raw was due to the fact that he worked as a hoop diver and acrobat for the entertainment troupe before signing for WWE back in 2020.   

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