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By Dave Scherer on 2021-05-25 10:00:00

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Where is Edge?

Waiting in the wings for the next program that the company has for him.  He is advertised for the July 16 Smackdown in Houston so it appears that will start a SummerSlam program for him.

I've been watching Miz and Mrs for quite a while and I believe, although scripted in some way, it is a funny show and brings a different perspective on Miz. That being said, does it make sense for WWE to portray a totally different character on Raw, which precedes Miz and Mrs?

To me?  No.  I would play off of the character that Miz has created on the TV show.  But WWE has been that way for years, like when you would see Stephanie McMahon footage where she was doing something nice in real life, only to be a heel character on TV.

On that line, how much of a hand does Vince have on Miz's show?

He is a big supporter of Miz but from what I understand doesn't have much, if any, impact on the episodes.

What's your take on WWE produced documentaries? I believe they are fantastic (Edge, RVD, Last Ride). As the question I asked before, how much of an influence does Vince have on the documentaries? They are a lot better than most of the wrestling produced each week (meaning Raw).

I think they do a fantastic job.  Vince doesn't micro manage them.  The team puts them together.  I wish he would take the same approach to Raw.

Now that AEW is by itself on Wednesday nights and given that they have averaged close to a million viewers since NXT's move to Tuesday and they won the demo a couple of weeks ago, are they more of a serious threat now to WWE than before?

To bne determined.  This week's drop in audience was only one show, but it's a bit disturbing.  You never want to go backward.  If they can grow their number, then they become more of a threat.  We also need to see how the move to TBS next year affects them.

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